TBR Shelf

I have a massive list of books I currently own that are waiting to be read. Some of these books have been in the pile for years! I do have a special bookcase for the physical books and am currently in the process of collecting more on my Kindle. I'm going to try any keep this list up to date by crossing books off when I do read them and adding any new purchases when I pick them up. In the meantime if there is any book here that you feel should shoot to the top of the pile, please let me know! :)
Ally Carter – Doubled Crossed (YA)
Amanda Carlson – Hot Blooded (Urban Fantasy)^
Amanda Hocking – Hollowland (Horror)
Amanda Hocking – Switched (Urban Fantasy)
Amanda Hocking – Torn (Urban Fantasy)
Andy Gavin – The Darkening Dream (Fantasy)
Angela Henry - The Paris Secret (Thriller)*
Angela Lovell – Blood Drunk (Urban Fantasy)*
Ann Aguirre – Stone Maiden (Fantasy)
Ann Aguirre – Forbidden Fruit (Urban Fantasy)^
Anne O’Brien – Devil’s Consort (Historical)
Anne Lyle – The Alchemist of Souls (Fantasy)^
Ashlyn Chase – Strange Neighbours (Paranormal Romance)
Ben Hennessy – Queen of the World (Fantasy)
Bram Stoker – Dracula (Gothic Horror)
Brian Rathbone – Call of the Herald, Dawning of Power 1 (Fantasy)*
Brian Rathbone – Inherited Danger, Dawning of Power 2 (Fantasy)*
Brian Rathbone – Dragon Ore, Dawning of Power 3 (Fantasy)*
C.J. Archer – The Wrong Girl (YA)^
Carol Ann Albright-Eastman – Always There (Literature)^
Carol Oates – Shades of Atlantis (YA)*
Carolyn Crane, Jill Myles and Meljean Brook – Wild and Steamy (Paranormal Romance)
Cassandra Clare – City of Bones (YA)
Cassandra Rose Clarke – The Mad Scientist’s Daughter (Science-Fiction)^
Cate Tieran – Immortal Beloved (YA)
Cecy Robson – Sealed With A Cursed (Urban Fantasy)^
Cecy Robson – A Cursed Embrace (Urban Fantasy)^
Cherie Priest – Boneshaker (Steampunk)
Chris Priestley – Through Dead Eyes (YA)^
Chris Roberson – The Book of Secrets (Mystery)
Christian Schoon – Zenn Scarlett (YA)
Claudia Gray – Evernight (YA)
Cristin Terrill – All Our Yesterday (YA)^
Dan Abnett – The Silent Stars Go By (Science Fiction)
Dan Wells – Fragments (YA)^
Dana Cameron – Seven Kinds of Hell (Urban Fantasy)
Dana Stabenow – A Cold Day for Murder (Crime Thriller)
Daniel Brako – Doors^
Daniel O’Mallory – The Rook (Mystery)^
Daniele Lanzarotta – Wide Awake (Urban Fantasy)
Deborah Harkness – A Discovery of Witches (Literature)
Elliott James – Charming (Urban Fantasy)^
Emma Jane Holloway – A Study In Silks (Steampunk)^
Emma Mills – Witchblood (Horror)*
Elizabeth Hunter – A Hidden Fire (Paranormal Romance)
Gabriella Pierce – 666 Park Avenue (Urban Fantasy)
Gwenda Bond – The Woken Gods (YA)^
Hannah Jayne – Under Wraps (Urban Fantasy)
Helen Douglas – After Eden (YA)^
H.G. Wells – The Time Machine (Science Fiction)
Ian Hocking – Flashback (Thriller)*
Ian Hocking - Deja Vu (Thriller)*
Ilona Andrews – Silver Shark (Science Fiction)
Ilona Andrews – Magic Gifts (Urban Fantasy)
J.L. Bryan – Jenny Pox (YA)
James Renner – The Man From Primrose Lane (Science Fiction)
Jaye Wells – Meridian Six (Novella)*
Jennifer Estep – Crimson Frost (YA)^
Jennifer Estep – Spartan Frost (YA)^
Jennifer Estep – Midnight Frost (YA)^
Jes Young – Tab Bennett and the Inbetween (Urban Fantasy)
Jess Bowen – Breaking Point (YA)*
Jess Haines – Stalking The Others (Urban Fantasy)^
Jess Haines – Forsaken By The Others (Urban Fantasy)^
Joseph D’Lacy – Black Feathers (Fantasy)^
Josephine Angelini – Starcrossed (YA)
Julie Kagawa – Winter’s Passage (YA)
Julie Kagawa – The Eternity Cure (YA)^
Julie Kagawa, Ann Aguirre & Karen Duvall – Till the World Ends (YA)^
Justin Gustainis – Those Who Fight Monsters (Anthology)
Karen MacInerney – Brush With Death (Cosy Mystery)^
Kate Johnson – The UnTied Kingdom (Fantasy)
Kerrelyn Sparks – How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Paranormal Romance)
Kersten Hamilton – Tyger, Tyger (YA)
Kiki Hamilton – The Torn Wing (YA)
Kim Harrison – Dead Witch Walking (Urban Fantasy)
Krista D. Ball – Tranquility’s Blaze (Fantasy)*
Layton Green – The Summoner (Mystery)
Laura Lam – Pantomime (YA)^
Laura Andersen – The Boleyn King (Historical Fantasy)^
Lee Collins – She Returns From War (Horror Western)^
Linda Wisdom – 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (Paranormal Romance)
Lisa T. Bergren – Waterfall (River of Time 1) (YA)
Lorena McCourtney – Invisible (Mystery)
Mary Hooper – The Disgrace of Kitty Grey (YA)^
Mary E Pearson – The Adoration of Jenna Fox (YA)
Michael Grant – BZRK (YA)
Mira Grant – Parasite (Horror)^
Naomi Clark – Afterlife (Horror)*
Naomi Clark – Wild (Horror)*
Nicholas Kaufmann – Dying Is my Business (Urban Fantasy)^
P.T. Michelle – Brightest Kind of Darkness (YA)
Patricia Eimer – Devil May Care (Paranormal Romance)^
Paula Guran – Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations (Anthology)^
Reginald Hill – The Woodcutter (Crime)^
Rhiannon Frater – Pretty When She Dies (Horror)
S.J. Bolton – Like This, For Ever (Crime)^
Samantha Shannon – The Bone Season (Urban Fantasy)^
Samantha Young – Smokeless Fire (YA)
Sarah Alderson – Severed (YA)
Sarah Crossan – Resist (YA)^
Sarah J Maas – Crown of Midnight (YA)^
Sarah-Jane Lehoux – Shades of War (Fantasy)
Sarah-Jane Lehoux – My Sanctuary (Novella)
Sarah-Jane Lehoux – Masquerade (Fantasy)
Scott G. Mariani – Uprising (Thriller)
Scott Nicholson – Ethereal Messenger (Horror)
Sean Wallace – The Mammoth Book of Steampunk (Steampunk)
Sherry Soule – Immortal Eclipse (Urban Fantasy)^
Stephen R. Lawhead – The Bone House (Mystery)^
Sophie Littlefield – Garden of Stones (Historical)^
Susan Krinard – Mist (Urban Fantasy) ^
Susan Illene – Darkness Haunts (Urban Fantasy)*
Susanna Clarke – Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (Literature)
Tamara Rose Blodgett – Death Whispers (Zombie)*
Tera Lynn Childs – Sweet Venom (YA)
Tim Marquitz – Armageddon Bound (Horror)*
Tim Marquitz – Resurrection (Horror)*
Tim Powers – On Stranger Tides (Adventure)
Tim Waggoner – Nekropolis (Urban Fantasy)
Trisha Telep – Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (Urban Fantasy)
Wilkie Collins – The Moonstone (Mystery)
William Sutton – Lawless and the Devil in Euston Square (Mystery)^
Yann Martel – Life of Pi (Literature)
Zoe Marriott – Daughter of the Flames (YA)

^netgalley books

Adam Baker – Juggernaut (Horror)*
Adrian Phoenix – Black Heart Loa (Urban Fantasy)
Aidan Chambers – Dying To Know You (YA)*
Alison Goodman – Eon (Fantasy)
Alison Weir – Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley (Non-Fiction)
Alison Weir – The Captive Queen (Historical)
Alison Weir – A Dangerous Inheritance (Historical)
Allison Pang – A Brush of Darkness (Urban Fantasy)*
Ally Carter – I’d Tell You I Live You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (YA)
Allyson James – Stormwalker (Urban Fantasy)
Amanda Bonilla – Shaedes of Gray (UF)
Amanda Bonilla – Blood Before Sunrise (UF)*
Amanda Stevens – The Whispering Room (Crime)
Andrea Cremer – Nightshade (YA)*
Andrea Cremer & David Levithan – Invisibilty (YA)^
Ann Aguirre – Agave Kiss (Urban Fantasy)
Ann Aguirre – Grimspace (Science Fiction)
A.A. Aguirre – Bronze Gods (Steampunk)
Anne Rice – Angel Time (Urban Fantasy)
Anne Cassidy – Dead Time (YA)*
Anne Cassidy – Killing Rachel (YA)*
Anthony Ryan – Blood Song (Fantasy)^
Ariana Franklin – The Assassin’s Prayer (Historical Crime)
Arthur C Clarke & Stephen Baxter – The Light Of Other Days (Science Fiction)
Audrey Niffenegger – Her Fearful Symmetry (Literature)
B.R Collins – Tyme’s End  (YA)
B.R. Collins – Love in Revolution (Historical YA)^
Bailey Cates – Brownies and Broomsticks (Cosy Mystery)*
Barb Hendee – Blood Memories (Urban Fantasy)
Barb & J.C. Hendee – In Shade and Shadow (Fantasy)
Barb & J.C. Hendee – Through Stone and Sea (Fantasy)
Barbara Brooke – Glimmers (Paranormal)*
Becca Fitzpatrick – Hush, Hush (YA)
Benedict Jacka – Cursed (Urban Fantasy)
Benedict Jacka – Taken (Urban Fantasy)
Bethany Wiggins – Stung (YA)^
Beth Revis – Across The Universe (YA)
Beth Revis – A Million Suns (YA)*
C.E. Murphy – Heart of Stone (Urban Fantasy)
C.J. Omolou – Transcendence (YA)^
C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp – Hunters Moon (Paranormal Romance)
C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp – Captive Moon (Paranormal Romance)
C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp – Howling Moon (Paranormal Romance)
Caitlin R. Kiernan – The Red Tree (Mystery)
Caitlin Kittredge – Street Magic (Urban Fantasy)*
Caitlin Kittredge – Nightlife (Urban Fantasy)
Cara Lockwood – Every Demon Has His Day (Paranormal Romance)
Carlos Ruiz Zafron – The Angel’s Game (Literature)
Carole Matthews – The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet (Chick Lit)
Carolyn Crane – Mind Games (Urban Fantasy)
Carolyn Crane – Double Cross (Urban Fantasy)*
Carrie Vaughn – Voices of Dragons (YA)
Carrie Vaughn – Discord’s Apple (Urban Fantasy)
Carrie Vaughn – After The Golden Age (Superheroes)
Carrie Vaughn – Kitty Rocks The House (Urban Fantasy)
Carrie Vaughn – Kitty In The Underworld (Urban Fantasy)
Cassie Alexander – Nightshifted (Urban Fantasy)
Catherine O’Flynn – Mr Lynch’s  Holiday (Literature)*
Catherine Webb - Mirror Dreams (YA)
Celia Bryce – Anthem For Jackson Dawes (YA)*
Charlaine Harris & Co – Home Improvement (Anthology)
Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Landlord (Mystery)
Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Champion (Mystery)
Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Christmas (Mystery)
Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Trollop (Mystery)
Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Counsellor (Mystery)
Charlaine Harris – Deadlocked (Urban Fantasy)
Charles Maclean – The Watcher (Horror)
Charlie Higson – The Sacrifice (YA)
China Mieville – The City and The City (Fantasy)
China Mieville – Un Lun Dun (YA)*
Chloe Neill – Biting Cold (Urban Fantasy)
Chloe Neill – Firespell (YA)
Chris F.Holm – Dead Harvest (Urban Fantasy)*
Chris F.Holm – The Wrong Goodbye (Urban Fantasy)*
Christina Henry – Black Wings (Urban Fantasy)
Christina Henry – Black Night (Urban Fantasy)
Christina Henry – Black Howl (Urban Fantasy)
Christopher Farnsworth – Blood Oath (Thriller)*
Christopher Fowler – White Corridor (Crime/Mystery)
Christopher Fowler – The Victoria Vanishes (Crime/Mystery)
Christopher Fowler – Bryant & May Off The Rails (Crime/Mystery)*
Christopher Fowler – Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood (Crime/Mystery)*
Christopher Fowler – Hell Train (Horror)*
Christopher Golden – Of Saints and Shadows (Horror)
Christopher Golden – The Monster’s Corner (Anthology)*
Christopher Pike – The Last Vampire: Eternal Dawn (YA)
Christopher Pike – The Season of Passage (Science Fiction)
Courtney Summers – This Is Not A Test (YA)*
D.D Barant – Better Off Undead (Urban Fantasy)
D.D Barant – Back From The Undead (Urban Fantasy)
D.D Barant – Undead To The World (Urban Fantasy)
Dace Stoker – Dracula, The Undead (Horror)
Dakota Banks – Dark Time (Urban Fantasy)*
Dakota Banks – Sacrifice (Urban Fantasy)*
Dakota Banks – Deliverance (Urban Fantasy)*
Dan Wells – I Am Not A Serial Killer (Horror)
Dana Fredsti – Plague Town (Urban Fantasy)
Daniel H. Wilson – Robopocalypse (Science Fiction)
Danielle Trussoni – Angelology (Paranormal)
Danny Wallace – Charlotte Street (Comedy)
Darynda Jones – First Grave On The Right (Urban Fantasy)
Darynda Jones – Second Grave On The Left (Urban Fantasy)
Darynda Jones – Third Grave Staright Ahead (Urban Fantasy)
Darynda Jones – Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Urban Fantasy)*
David Moody – Autumn (Horror)*
David Moody – Autumn: The City (Horror)*
David Moody – Autumn: Purification (Horror)*
David Moody – Autumn: Disintegration (Horror)*
David Nicholls – One Day (Literature)
David Wellington – Cursed (Horror)
Dennis Lehane – Mystic River (Mystery)
Dean Koontz – Frankenstein: Lost Souls (Thriller)
Dean Koontz – Frankenstein: Dead Town (Thriller)
Dean Koontz – What The Night Knows (Thriller)
Dean Koontz – 77 Shadow Street (Thriller)
Dean Koontz – Odd Interlude (Thriller)
Dean Koontz – Odd Apocalypse (Thriller)
Devon Monk – Magic in the Shadows (Urban Fantasy)
Diana Pharaoh Francis – Bitter Night (Urban Fantasy)*
Diana Pharaoh Francis – Crimson Wind (Urban Fantasy)*
Diana Pharaoh Francis – Shadow City (Urban Fantasy)*
Diana Rowland – My Life As A White Trash Zombie (Urban Fantasy)
Diana Rowland – White Trash Zombie Blues (Urban Fantasy)*
Diana Rowland –White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (Urban Fantasy)
Diana Rowland –Touch of the Demon (Urban Fantasy)
Dianne Sylvan – Queen of Shadows (Urban Fantasy)
Eleanor Updale – The Last Minute (YA)*
Ellen Connor – Nightfall (Apocalypse Romance)*
Ellen Connor – Midnight (Apocalypse Romance)*
Ellen Connor – Daybreak (Apocalypse Romance)*
Emily McKay – The Farm (Dystopian)^
Emma Campoin – The King’s Mistress (Historical)       
Emma Donoghue – Room (Literature)
Emma Pass – Acid (YA)*
Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus (Literature)*
F. Paul Wilson – Cold City (urban Fantasy)*
Faith Hunter – Mercy Blade (Urban Fantasy)
Faith Hunter – Raven Cursed (Urban Fantasy)
Faith Hunter – Bloodring (Fantasy)
Gail Carriger – Etiquette & Espionage (YA)
Gemma Malley – The Legacy (YA)^
George R R Martin etc – Songs of Love and Death (Anthology)
George R. R. Martin – A Clash of Kings (Fantasy)
George R. R. Martin – A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow (Fantasy)
George R. R. Martin – A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold (Fantasy)
George R. R. Martin – A Feast for Crows (Fantasy)
George R. R. Martin – A Dance with Dragons: Dreams and Dust (Fantasy)
George R. R. Martin – A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast (Fantasy)
Gini Koch – Touched By An Alien (Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy)
Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan – The Strain (Thriller/Horror)
Harlan Coben – Tell No One (Crime)*
Heather Blake – It Takes A Witch (Cosy Mystery)
Helen Grant – Silent Saturday (YA)*
Helen Lowe – The Heir of Night (Fantasy)
Hugh Howey – Wool (Dystopian)
Ian Rankin – Black and Blue (Crime)*
Ian Tregillis – Bitter Seeds (Historical Fantasy)
Ian Tregillis – The Coldest War (Historical Fantasy)
Ilona Andrews – Bayou Moon (Paranormal Romance)
Ilona Andrews – Fate’s Edge (Paranormal Romance)
Ilona Andrews – Steel’s Edge (Paranormal Romance)
Ilona Andrews – Magic Rises (Urban Fantasy)
Ilona Andrews – Gunmetal Magic (Urban Fantasy)
Ilsa J. Bick – Ashes (YA)
Isobelle Carmody – Darkfall (YA)
Isobelle Carmody – Darksong (YA)
Isobelle Carmody – The Scatterlings (YA)
Jacqueline Carey – Naamah’s Kiss (Fantasy)
Jacqueline Carey – Naamah’s Curse (Fantasy)
Jacqueline Carey – Naamah’s Blessing (Fantasy)
Jacqueline Carey – Saints Astray (YA)
Jackie Kessler & Caitlin Kittredge – Shades of Night (Urban Fantasy)
James Rollins – Ice Hunt (Thriller)
James Rollins – Alter of Eden (Thriller)
James Rollins – Deep Fathom (Thriller)
James Rollins – The Devil Colony (Thriller)
James R Tuck – Blood and Magick (Urban Fantasy)
Jane Casey – How To Fall (YA)*
Jasper Fforde – The Woman Who Died A Lot (Comic Fantasy)
Jay Kristoff – Stormdancer (Fantasy)*
Jeaniene Frost - One Foot In The Grave, Night Huntress 2 (Urban Fantasy)
Jeaniene Frost - At Grave's End, Night Huntress 3 (Urban Fantasy)
Jed Rubenfeld – The Death Instinct (Historical Crime)
Jeffery Deaver – Garden of Beasts (Crime)
Jeffery Deaver – XO (Crime Mystery)
Jenn Bennett – Kindling The Moon (Urban Fantasy)*
Jennifer Estep – Spider’s Bite (Urban Fantasy)
Jennifer Estep – Web of Lies (Urban Fantasy)
Jennifer Estep – Venom (Urban Fantasy)
Jennifer Fallon – The Immortal Prince (Fantasy)
Jennifer Fallon – The Gods of Amyrantha (Fantasy)
Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Raised By Wolves (YA)
Jenny Barden – Mistress of the Sea (Historical)^
Jenny Colgan - Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe (Chick-Lit)
Jenny Colgan – Welcome To Rosie Hopkin’s Sweet Shop of Dreams (Chick-Lit)
Jeri Smith-Ready – Shine (YA)
Jim Butcher – Ghost Story (Urban Fantasy)
Jim Butcher – Cold Days (Urban Fantasy)
Jim Carrington – Drive By (YA)*
Jim C. Hines – The Stepsister Scheme (Fantasy)
Jonathan Maberry – Dust and Decay (YA)
Jonathan Maberry – Flesh and Blood (YA)
John Boyne – The House of Special Purpose (Literature/Historical)*
John R Fultz – Seven Princes (Fantasy)*
John Lucas – Turf (YA)*
John Green – The Fault In Our Stars (Literature)^
John Grisham – The Confession (Thriller)
Joe Kimball – Timecaster (Science Fiction)
Jon Robinson – Nowhere (YA)^
Jon Steele – The Watcher (Literature)*
Julia Green – This Northern Sky (YA)*
Julia Green – Drawing with Light (YA)*
Julia Green – Breathing Underwater (YA)*
Julia Green – Bringing on Summer (YA)*
Julie Cross – Tempest (YA)*
Julie Kagawa – The Iron King (YA)
Julie Kagawa – The Iron Daughter (YA)
Juliet Blackwell – Secondhand Spirits (Cosy Mystery)
Justin Cronin – The Passage (Horror)
Justin Gustainis – Black Magic Woman (Urban Fantasy)
K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr – Loki’s Wolves (YA)
K.N. Shields – The Salem Witch Society (Lierature)
Karen Chance – Hunt The Moon (Urban Fantasy)
Karen Chance – Fury’s Kiss (Urban Fantasy)
Karen Mahoney – The Stone Demon (YA)*
Karen Marie Moning – Darkfever (Paranormal Romance)
Karen Miller – The Prodigal Mage (Fantasy)
Kalayna Price – Grave Dance (Urban Fantasy)
Kalayna Price – Grave Memory (Urban Fantasy)
Kat Richardson – Downpour (Urban Fantasy)*
Kat Zhang – What’s Left Of Me (YA)
Kathleen Grissom – The Kitchen House (Historical)^
Kate Elliott – Cold Magic (Fantasy)
Kate Forsyth – The Witches of Eileanan (Fantasy)
Kate Forsyth – The Pool of Two Moons (Fantasy)
Kate Forsyth – The Cursed Towers (Fantasy)
Kate Forsyth – The Forbidden Land (Fantasy)
Kate Forsyth – The Starthorn Tree (YA)
Kate Griffin – The Minority Council (Urban Fantasy)
Kate Griffin – Stray Souls (Urban Fantasy)
Kate Griffin – Glass Gods (Urban Fantasy)
Kate Harrison – Soul Beach (YA)
Kate Locke – God Save The Queen (Steampunk)
Kate MacAlister – Love In The Time Of Dragons (Paranormal Romance)
Katherine Roberts – Sword of Light (YA)
Kelley Armstrong – Waking The Witch (Urban Fantasy)
Kelley Armstrong – Spellbound (Urban Fantasy)
Kelley Armstrong – 13 (Urban Fantasy)
Kelley Armstrong – The Gathering (YA)
Kelley Armstrong – The Calling (YA)
Kelley Armstrong – The Rising (YA)
Kelly Gay – The Better Part of Darkness (Urban Fantasy)
Kelly Meding – Three Days To Dead (Urban Fantasy)
Kelly Meding – As Lie The Dead (Urban Fantasy)*
Kelly Meding – Trance (Urban Fantasy)
Kendare Blake – Anna Dressed In Blood (YA)
Kerry Schafer – Between (Urban Fantasy)
Kersten Hamilton – In The Forest of The Night (YA)*
Kevin J. Anderson – The Edge of the World (Fantasy)
Kevin J Anderson et al – Blood Lite III: Aftertaste (Anthology)
Kevin J Anderson et al – Blood Lite II: Overbite (Anthology)
Kevin Hearne – Hounded (Urban Fantasy)*
Kevin Hearne – Hexed (Urban Fantasy)
Kevin Hearne – Hammered (Urban Fantasy)
Kevin Hearne – Tricked (Urban Fantasy)
Kevin Hearne – Trapped (Urban Fantasy)
Kiersten White – Paranormalcy (YA)*
Kim Gruenenfelder – Wedding Fever (Chick-Lit)
Kristen Britain – Green Rider (Fantasy)
Kristen Painter – Flesh and Blood (Urban Fantasy)
Kristen Painter – Bad Blood (Urban Fantasy)
Kristin Cashore – Bitterblue (YA)
Kylie Griffin – Vengeance Born (Fantasy)*
Kylie Griffin – Alliance Forged (Fantasy)*
L.A. Weatherly – Angel Fire (YA)*
L.J. Smith – The Forbidden Game: The Hunter (YA)
L.J. Smith – The Forbidden Game: The Chase (YA)
L.J. Smith – The Forbidden Game: The Kill (YA)
Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bones (YA)
Larissa Ione – Eternal Rider (Paranormal Romance)*
Larry Niven – Ringworld (Science Fiction)
Laura Powell – Burn Mark (YA)*
Laura Powell – Witch Fire (YA)*
Lauren Oliver – Delirium (YA)
Lauren Oliver – Before I Fall (YA)
Lee Carroll – The Watchtower (Urban Fantasy)*
Leigh Bardugo – The Gathering Dark (Fantasy)
Leigh Evans – The Trouble With Fate (Urban Fantasy)
Lesley Livingston – Once Every Never (YA)
Lilith Saintcrow – The Iron Wyrm Affair (Steampunk)
Linda Poitevin – Sins of the Angels (Urban Fantasy)*
Lindsey Barraclough – Long Lankin (YA)
Lori Devott – Amazon Ink (Urban Fantasy)
Lou Morgan – Blood and Feathers (Urban Fantasy)*
Lyn Benedict – Sin and Shadows (Urban Fantasy)
Lyn Benedict – Ghosts and Echoes (Urban Fantasy)
Lynsay Sands – A Quick Bite (Paranormal Romance)
Lynsay Sands – Tall, Dark and Hungry (Paranormal Romance)
Lynsay Sands – The Accidental Vampire (Paranormal Romance)*
M. J. Rose – The Reincarnationist (Thriller/Mystery)
M.L.N. Hanover – Darker Angels (Urban Fantasy)
M.L.N. Hanover – Vicious Grace (Urban Fantasy)
M.L.N. Hanover – Killing Rites (Urban Fantasy)
Madeline Miller – The Song of Achilles (Historical Fantasy)
Madelene Roux – Allison Hewitt is Trapped (Zombie)
Maggie Stiefvater – Shiver (YA)
Malinda Lo – Ash (Fantasy)
Malinda Lo – Huntress (Fantasy)
Malorie Blackman – Noughts & Crosses (YA)
Marissa Meyer – Scarlet (YA SF)^
Marissa Meyer – Cinder (YA SF)^
Mark Chadbourn – Lord of Silence (Fantasy)
Mark Del Franco – Unshapely Things (Urban Fantasy)
MaryJanice Davidson – Sleeping With The Fishes (Paranormal Romance)
Margaret George – The Memoirs of Cleopatra (Historical)
Marie Lu – Legend (YA)
Mary Hooper – The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose (YA)*
Mary Hooper – Fallen Grace (YA)*
Mary Hooper – Velvet (YA)*
Martin Millar – Lonely Werewolf Girl (Horror)
Martin Miller – Curse of the Wolf Girl (Horror)
Martin Millar – The Good Fairies of New York (Urban Fantasy)
Matthew Hughes – The Damned Busters (Comic Fantasy)
Matthew Reilly – Scarecrow and The Army of Thieves (Action)
Maureen Johnson – The Name of the Star (YA)
Meljean Brook – Heart of Steel (Steampunk)*
Meljean Brook – Riveted (Steampunk)*
Merrie Destefano – Afterlife (Urban Fantasy)*
Michael Connelly – The Black Ice (Crime)*
Michael Crichton – Pirate Latitudes (Thriller)
Michael Grant – Gone (YA)
Michael Grant – Hunger (YA)
Michael J. Sullivan – Theft of Sword (Fantasy)*
Michelle Paver – Wolf Brother (YA)*
Michelle Rowen – Bitten and Smitten (Paranormal Romance)
Mike Shevdon – Sixty-One Nails (Urban Fantasy)
Mike Shevdon – The Road to Bedlam (Urban Fantasy)
Mira Grant – Deadline (Zombies)
Mira Grant – Blackout (Zombies)
Molly Harper – Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs (Paranormal Romance)
Myke Cole – Fortress Frontier (Urban Fantasy)
Nalini Singh – Angel’s Blood (Urban Fantasy)
Nalini Singh – Angel’s Consort (Urban Fantasy)
Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie – The Cursed Ones (YA)
Nancy Holzner – Bloodstone (Urban Fantasy)
Nancy Holzner – Darklands (Urban Fantasy)
Naseem Rakha – The Crying Tree (Literature)
Natasha Carthew – Winter Damage (YA)^
Nick Lake – In Darkness (YA)*
Nick Lake – Hostage Three (YA)*
Nick Harkaway – The Gone-Away World (Fantasy)
Niki Valentine – Possessed (Psychological Thriller)
N.K. Jemisin – The Broken Kingdoms (Fantasy)
Nicole Peeler – Tempest’s Fury (Urban Fantasy)
P.C. Cast et al – Darkness Divine (YA Anthology)
P.C. Cast – Goddess of Spring (Paranormal Romance)
P.C. Cast – Goddess of Light (Paranormal Romance)
P.C. Cast – Goddess of Love (Paranormal Romance)
P.C. Cast – Goddess of the Sea (Paranormal Romance)
Patricia Briggs – Masques (Fantasy)
Patricia Briggs – Wolfsbane (Fantasy)
Patricia Briggs – Dragon Bones (Fantasy)
Patricia Briggs – Dragon Blood (Fantasy)
Patricia Briggs – Frost Burned (Urban Fantasy)
Patricia Briggs & Co – On The Prowl (Urban Fantasy)
Paul Cornell – London Falling (Urban Fantasy)*
Paul Hoffman – The Beating of His Wings (Fantasy)^
Paul Magrs – 666 Charing Cross Road (Urban Fantasy)*
Paul Torday – The Girl on the Landing (Literature)*
Paul Torday – Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (Literature)*
Peter V. Bretts – The Desert Spear (Fantasy)
Peter Clines – Ex-Heroes (Zombies)
Peter F. Hamilton – Great North Road (Science-Fiction)*
Philip Pullman – Grimm Tales (Fantasy)
Philippa Gregory – The Lady of the Rivers (Historical)
Philippa Gregory – The Kingmaker’s Daughter (Historical)
Philippa Gregory – Changeling (YA)
Philippa Ballatine – Geist (Urban Fantasy)*
Philippa Bornikova – This Case Is Gonna Kill Me (Urban Fantasy)*
Pierre Pevel – The Cardinal’s Blades (Fantasy)
Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris: The Janus Affair (Steampunk)*
Rachel Aaron – The Revenge of Eli Monpress (Fantasy)
Rachel Caine – Glass Houses (YA)
Rachel Caine – The Dead Girls Dance (YA)
Rachel Caine – Midnight Alley (YA)
Rachel Caine – Feast of Fools (YA)
Rachel Caine – Working Stiff (UF)
Rachel Hartman – Seraphina (YA)
Rachel Neumeir – Lord of the Changing Winds (Fantasy)
Rachel Neumeir – Lord of the Burning Sands (Fantasy)
Rachel Neumeir – Law of the Broken Earth (Fantasy)
Rachel Vincent – My Soul To Take (YA)*
Rachel Vincent – My Soul To Save (YA)
Rachel Vincent – My Soul To Keep (YA)*
Rachel Vincent – My Soul To Steal (YA)
Rachel Vincent – If I Die (YA)
Rachel Vincent – Before I Wake (YA)
Rachel Vincent – With All My Soul (YA)
Rachel Vincent – Blood Bound (Urban Fantasy)
Rachel Vincent – Shadow Bound (Urban Fantasy)
Rachel Vincent – Oath Bound (Urban Fantasy)
Rachel Ward – Numbers (YA)
Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (YA)*
Richard Kadrey – Sandman Slim (Urban Fantasy)
Richelle Mead – The Indigo Spell (YA)^
Roald Dahl – Someone Like You (Anthology)
Robert Jordan – The Wheel of Time (Fantasy)*
Robert Masello – Blood and Ice (Mystery)
Robin Hobb – The Dragon Keeper (Fantasy)
Robin Hobb – Dragon Haven (Fantasy)
Robin Hobb – City of Dragons (Fantasy)
Robin Hobb – The Inheritance (Fantasy)
Rochelle Staab – Who Do Vodoo? (Cosy Mystery)
Rosamund Lipton – Sister (Mystery)
S.J Bolton – Awakening (Crime)
S.M.  Peters – Ghost Ocean (Urban Fantasy)
S.M. Stirling – The Protector’s War (Fantasy)
S.M. Stirling – Conquistador (Fantasy)
Sandy Williams – The Shadow Reader (Urban Fantasy)
Sangu Mandanna – The Lost Girl *YA)*
Sara Douglass – Hade’s Daughter (Fantasy)
Sarah Alderson – Hunting Lila (YA)
Sarah Alderson – Fated (YA)
Sarah Ash – Lord of Snow and Shadows (Fantasy)
Sarah Crossan – The Weight of Water (YA)
Sarah Pinborough – Poison (Fairy Tale)^
Scott Westerfeld – Uglies (YA)
Scott Westerfeld – Pretties (YA)
Scott Westerfeld – Specials (YA)
Scott Westerfeld – Extras (YA)
Scott Westerfeld – The Secret Hour (YA)
Seanan McGuire – Rosemary and Rue (Urban Fantasy)
Seanan McGuire – A Local Habitation (Urban Fantasy)
Seanan McGuire – Discount Armageddon (Urban Fantasy)
Seth Patrick – Reviver (Crime Thriller)*
Sherrilyn Kenyon – Born of Night (Paranormal Romance)
Simon Morden – Equations of Life (Science Fiction)*
Simon Morden – Theories of Flight (Science Fiction)*
Simon Morden – Degrees of Freedom (Science Fiction)*
Sofie Kelly – Curiosity Thrilled The Cat (Cosy Mystery)
Sofie Kelly – Copycat Killing (Cosy Mystery)
Sofie Kelly – Cat Trick (Cosy Mystery)
Sophie Kinsella – I’ve Got Your Number (Chick-Lit)
Sophie Littlefield – A Bad Day for Sorry (Crime)*
Stacey Jay – Dead on the Delta (Urban Fantasy)
Stacey Jay – Blood on the Bayou (Urban Fantasy)
Stacia Kane – Unholy Magic (Urban Fantasy)
Stacia Kane – City of Ghosts (Urban Fantasy)
Stacia Kane – Chasing Magic (Urban Fantasy)
Stephen Baxter – The Time Ships (Science Fiction)
Stephen Jones – Zombie Apocalypse (Horror)
Stephen King – Under the Dome (Horror)
Stephen King – Full Dark, No Stars (Horror)
Stephen King – The Gunslinger (Fantasy)
Stephen King – The Wind Through The Keyhole (Fantasy)
Stephen King & Peter Straub – The Talisman (Horror)
Stephen Lloyd-Jones – The String Diaries (Horror)*
Tanya Huff – The Enchantment Emporium (Urban Fantasy)
Tera Lynn Childs – Forgive My Fins (YA)*
Teresa Flavin – The Crimson Shard (YA)*
Teri Terry – Slated (YA)
Terry Brooks – Wards of Faerie (Fantasy)*
Terry Prachett & Stephen Baxter – The Long Earth (Science Fiction)
Tim Lebbon – Reaper Legacy (YA)*
Tim Waggoner – Dead Streets (Urban Fantasy)
Tom Holland – The Vamprye (Horror)
Tom Holt – Blonde Bombshell (Comic Fantasy)*
Traci Harding – Gene of Isis (Fantasy)
Traci Harding – The Dragon Queens (Fantasy)
Traci Harding – The Black Madonna (Fantasy)
Traci Harding – Being of the Field (Science Fiction)
Trent Jamison – Death Most Definite (Urban Fantasy)
Trisha Ashley – A Winter’s Tale (Chick-Lit)
V.M. Zito – The Return Man (Horror)*
Veronica Henry – A Night On The Orient Express (Chick-Lit)
Veronica Rossi – Through The Ever Night (YA)*
Veronica Roth – Insurgent (YA)
Victoria Lamb – His Dark Lady (Historical)^
Victoria Lamb – Witchstruck (YA)*
Victoria Laurie – What’s A Ghoul To Do (Paranormal Mystery)
Victoria Laurie – Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls (Paranormal Mystery)
Will Hill – Department 19 (YA)
William Dietrich – Napoleon’s Pyramids (Thriller)
William Sutcliffe – The Wall (YA)*
WM Paul Young – The Shack (Literature)

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