Thursday, 19 September 2013

What Shall I read This September Results!

Decisions, decisions...I can never make my mind up so once a month I offer up a choice to you wonderful and wise blog readers and hand you the keys to my next book choice. The results have been counted, checked and rechecked and the winner for September is...

That's right you couldn't make your minds up any more than I can!

The full results were...

Hunters Moon: 25%
Sleeping With Fishes: 25%
Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs: 25%
A Quick Bite: 25%

So I'm taking the responsibility onto myself this month and will read which ever I feel like - although because of my holiday I'm a little behind this month so the review may not go up until October!

And who won their choice of book from my TBR pile? The winner is...Barbara E!

Congratulations! An email has been sent to you asking for choice!

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