Sunday, 5 September 2010

Book Temple #1: South Bank Book Market

Book Temple
This a new feature for Mel’s Random reviews where I wax lyrical about a place dedicated to books or reading. It can be a shop, market, website or even a place to curl up and read in. I’m afraid it will be focused on London as it’s where I live and the place I do most of reading – but feel free to discuss your own Book Temple!
There is no sponsorship involved - this is all my own opinion and as such is subject to reversal, mood changes and general inaccuracies.

The South Bank Book Market is located directly under Waterloo Bridge
Rows of Second Hand books at South Bank book market
First stop on Book Temples is South Bank Book Market. Located by the Thames in London, under Waterloo Bridge, it is an outdoor market which come rain or shine has a wide selection of second hand books for sale. I love to wander along the South Bank with the tourists for the spectacular view of London – the London Eye and houses of Parliament in the West, past the Tate Modern and Oxo tower to St Pauls and the Globe theatre and this collection of tables covered in books always surprises and delights me. I don’t buy as many books there as I probably should, but I can spend an easy hour wandering up and down the trestle tables, looking at well read books, first print copies and even flicking through the selection of maps and prints on offer. No-one hassles you but there is an expert to ask if you have any questions. Tourists mix with locals and there are time when you can discover absolute gems – my best find was a copy of book I read while travelling in Australia and didn’t keep. I hadn’t been able to find it over here at all but there it was sitting on one of the stands and in good condition.
One of the stands on the South Bank

If you have some time to spare, I urge you to visit the South Bank Book Market – it is a book temple and I worship there.

Where do you worship?


  1. Next time I'm in London I'll check this out. Thanks! :)

  2. Hi Nikki-ann,
    It's worth a look - you never know what you might find. Good luck! :-)

  3. that looks amazing I want to go to London again now!!!