Thursday, 2 September 2010

My Book Haul

I am trying to read my way through my TBR pile, but sometimes I can't resist adding to it. I've been avoiding book shops, but second book stores don't count, do they? As I've had the week off work, I've been popping into some of my favourite second book stores and have picked up a few books to add to my TBR bookcase. I was really inpressed as for second hand there are some very recent books in there.

Cursed - David Wellington (Piatkus): Werewolves? Need I say more?
Time Raiders - The Avenger - PC Cast (Mills and Boon): I'm not usually a Mills and Boon fan but this has magic, time travel and it's writteb by PC Cast and I loved her Blood series so thought I'd give it a go
Uprising - Scott G Mariani (Avon): Not heard of this before but it looks like an action thriller set in a world with vampires
A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss 3) - Majorie M Liu (Orbit): I finished the first Hunters Kiss - The Iron Hunt not long ago and wanted to try the rest of series. Now I just need to pick up the second book...
Dead Streets - Time Waggoner (Angry Robot): I want to try first book Nekropolis for some time. This sequel was calling out to me...
Time Ships - Stephen Baxter (Voyager): This was the only book I've read before and I loved it when I borrowed it from the library when I was a teenager. Hope it's as good as I remember! 

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