Friday, 8 April 2011

Book Blogger Directory

I just signed up to the Book Blogger Directory! What is the book blogger directory? Well, the Book Blogger Directory is a comprehensive listing of Book Blogs, separated by genre and listed alphabetically. And it has mission! :)

To cross promote book bloggers, provide listings by genre and increase links to increase page rank.

The benefits of listing on the Book Blogger Directory:
  • More and more book blogs are created every day, the BBD is a tool that publishers, authors and other book bloggers can use to find YOU
  • As cross promotion occurs from one blog to the next, your Google Page Rank can increase, higher Google Page Rank means higher search engine rankings!
  • Higher keyword saturation on the Directory can have your listing show up on search engines
So if you have a blog and fancy signing up, head over there! :)


  1. I signed up with it a couple of days ago. Hasn't brought up my ranking yet, but give it time. :) It's just so handy to have a listing of book blogs in one place, so I can find new things to read!

  2. Yep... I need to go there and sign up. Will do it when I have a minute. So glad you blogged about it to remind me! :)