Friday, 22 April 2011

Remember Me 2: The Return Review

Remember Me 2: The Return
-       Christopher Pike
Publisher: Hodders Children’s
First published in 1995 in UK
Shari Cooper, a murder victim, is given the opportunity to return to Earth in the shape of a Wanderer
It’s unusual to have a sequel to a book when the main character died in the first book – however seeing as Shari died at the beginning of Remember Me, it doesn’t really impact this sequel too much. The story starts a year after Shari was pushed off the balcony with Jean Rodrigues getting ready for a party at her boyfriend’s place. At the same time we also follow Shari’s adventures in the afterlife as she tries to come to terms with her life cut short.
 I had a lot of affection for the first Remember Me when I first read it as a teenager – enough that I picked up this and the third in the trilogy as well. However, I didn’t have as many fond memories for this book as I did the original. Re-reading now after all these years and I can see the reason I didn’t have any fond memories is that not a lot happens in this book. Jean has a near death experience and Shari decides to return to earth...and that’s pretty much it. This is more of a setting up book – putting the pieces in place and expanding on the epilogue from the first book. To be honest I felt the story was completed in Remember Me and didn’t really need a sequel – and as much as I liked the writing – this story doesn’t really add a lot. I’m not sure how much sense it would make if you haven’t read the first book either!
On the plus side Christopher Pike’s writing is as good as ever – I really have rediscovered the joy of his writing through this challenge! I also liked the philosophy Shari discusses with the master – it adds some depth and complexity to a simple story.    
Recommended for fans of RL Stine and Carrie Ryan. 5 out of 10.

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  1. I love all your nostalgic post - I read Remember Me as a teeanger too and loved it. We have a full set of Goosebumps in our school library and the older kids just love them, which makes me happy :)

    I think we will do the helicopter breakfast in the Grand Canyon. I'm only going to go there once, so I may as well do it in style! :P

  2. The name sounds so familiar. I should go google him since the book came out so long ago. So perhasp I have read something by him