Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Same Book/Different Cover: The Eyre Affair

This is an occasional feature I'm introducing comparing different covers of the same book...what I'm particularly interested in are re-issued covers for the same book.

This week it's the turn of one my favourite ever books. Seriously. If you haven't read it, then you should! It's got some of the most imaginative use of language I've ever read. Anyway, enough love for the insides, lets look at the covers of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, the first in the Thursday Next series...

UK Paperback Issue 1
UK Paperback Issue 2

US Paperback

US Hardback

The top right is the copy I have (although very worn by now). It's simple and the bright colours stood out on shelf which is one of the reasons I picked it up initially. The new UK cover is even bright with so many colours on Thursday's car as it crashes through the cover of the book. This is just too much for me personally. The US hard cover - I hate! It's so boring and dull - I don't think its interesting at all. The US paperback is my favourite - I like the lock and key motive on the book and it's very striking. Definitely my favourite cover.

What do you think? Which cover do you like and why?


  1. Ok let's see, nr one is boring, nr 2 is fun but not my style. Nr 3 is really bad!! I could do that.

    Nr 4 winner! *applauds*

  2. I also think that US Paperback cover is the best, still not doing justice the whole novel which is simply brilliant. Great idea for a post!

  3. I'm torn between UK pb #1 and the US pb edition, which is the one I own. I agree with you--this is a tremendous book!

  4. When I found this one at the library it had the US paperback cover. I just so enjoyed this book. I just happened across the book and thought the title was interesting. I'm with you... if you haven't read it... you need to read it!

  5. I don't really like the US covers, but I love the UK (paperback 2)!! :D

  6. I love these books as well! I have the UK version 2, I have the whole series like that and they are some of my favourite covers. I like how it looks a little worn out at the edges, even though it is brand new. I haven't seen the US covers, but (for a change!) it looks like the UK got the best ones!


  7. Oh, I love number one with the dodo on the scooter. Also, such a massive fan of these books too.