Sunday, 15 August 2010

Take Two

Last year while bored I was exploring the Internet and stumbled over the mysterious and complex world of book blogs. I read with growing fascination, of the different types out there - the prolific, the established, the whimsical, the different, the good, the bad and indeed, the ugly. I got myself all excited and decided to set up my own blog based on nothing more than the fact I could and I read a lot (an hour commuting each way every day leaves plenty of time for books!).

I looked before I leaped.

It soon became obvious to me that book blogging is hard work and require more thought than I gave to it! So I stopped.

I still read books. I followed half a dozen blogs regularly (my favourites being Graeme's Fantasy Book review, Carolyn's Book Chick City and Amanda's Floor To Ceiling Books - all I heartily recommend!) and a few more semi-regularly. I was so awed at the amount of energy, effort and enthusiasm so many put into their blogs and a lot over-whelmed! I didn't see how I could compete, so I took a step back.

I've spent a lot time since thinking about blogs etc and now having done my homework, I plan to re-ignite this blog with my own enthusiasm, effort and short falls. I can't claim to be any good, but I just hope there's a little corner of the Internet that doesn't mind if I blog away to myself. Hope you lot don't mind!

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