Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The To-Be-Read Pile #2

The To-Be-Read Pile
I've finally made my way through my latest TBR small pile (the big pile fills a whole bookcase!) and now I'm trying to decide what next to read. I've narrowed it down to these six books - one fantasy: Patricia Briggs Raven's Shadow. I love Briggs Mercy Thompson series so I'm curious to see what her more traditional fantasy books are like. Feed is a zombie Apocalypse novel that I won from Graham at Graham's Fantasy Book Review and I've read a lot of positive reviews. Two more Urban Fantasy books - I have a big back-log on Urban Fantasy books and series to catch up on, but I like to mix up my genres and not read too many from one genre at once. Final two are a comic fantasy by Tom Holt and a modern classic. I wouldn't usually pick up something like The Barracks but I try to expand my reading occasionally - besides it was another freebie from a friend! So what should I read first? Any suggestions?

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