Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Alpha Review

Alpha (Faythe Saunders 6)
– Rachel Vincent
Publisher: US - Mira books (October 2010)
Power, revenge, and justice - prepare yourself for the final battle! In the final chapter of "The Shifters Series", Faythe and her Pride must fight a tyrannical werecat intent on taking over the territorial council, and the south-central Pride in particular. It's down to Faythe to take on the role of Alpha before she feels completely ready for the job. Forced to rise to the occasion, Faythe must balance experience, advice, and the urge for vengeance. She must also finally choose between Marc and Jace...No decisions will be is easy, and not everyone will survive this epic fight to the death.
I’ve been following Faythe and her struggles for independence to be treated equally in a male dominated werecat society since Stray and in this, the final Shifters book, the battle becomes all out war. Faythe and her pride put everything on the line to defeat the tyrannical Cal Malone.
It’s amazing how far Faythe has come since the first book in the series – from spoilt whinging girl to strong leader who puts her people first. She still has man troubles though, and is torn between her long-time lover Marc and Jace, her younger brother’s best friend. This is the only part of the story that I had some frustration with – I just wanted her to decide! She makes so many choices about other parts of her life but leaves both men hanging for the whole book. But I’m happy with her choice in the end!
As this book is the final in the series, it is full steam ahead nearly from the get go. There is plenty of action from small personal battles through to a big battle. Faythe uses her head and even manages to keep her temper in check when needed! I’m sorry this is the last book though. While most of the major plot points are wrapped up, there are still some bits I’m keen to see. The first meeting of the new council after the war, what happens with Malone’s pride and how Faythe handles peace time with her man. It still seems like there’s plenty left to explore in this world. While I respect Rachel Vincent’s  decision to finish the series and not force the series to go on pass it’s premise, I’ll miss Faythe, Marc and rest of the pride.
Recommended for fans of Kelley Armstrong – but start with the first book in the series, Stray! 9 out of 10

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