Sunday, 17 October 2010

My Book Haul/In My Mail Box

I’ve had the week off from work as I’m in the midst of moving at the moment – this means a lot of waiting around for deliveries to around. Telling me that delivery will be between 7am – 7pm is not helpful – especially in a flat with no furniture, so no seats anywhere, no Internet and no TV. So I’ve had a few ‘lapses’ this week regarding purchasing new books – some are a comfort purchases and others have been on order for a while but have only just arrived.
To Kill A Warlock (Dulcie O’Neill 1) – HP Mallory, Kindle version
The murder of a dark arts warlock. A shape-shifting, ravenous creature on the loose. A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate. Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bitch. Dulcie O'Neil is a fairy. And not the type to frolic in gardens. She's a Regulator-a law-enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world. When a warlock is murdered and Dulcie was the last person to see him alive, she must uncover the truth before she's either deported back to the Netherworld, or she becomes the next victim.
Enter Knight Vander, a sinfully attractive investigator sent from the Netherworld to work the case with Dulcie. Between battling her attraction to her self-appointed partner, keeping a sadomasochistic demon in check, and fending off the advances of a sexy and powerful vampire, Dulcie's got her hands full. As the body count increases, Dulcie finds herself battling dark magic, reconnoitering in S&M clubs and suffering the greatest of all betrayals.
This was another kindle purchase. The author and the series are new to me – I hadn’t heard of either before but the description and cover intrigued me. A lottery, impulse purchase!
Alpha (Faythe Saunders 6) – Rachel Vincent, Mira books (October 2010)
Power, revenge, and justice - prepare yourself for the final battle! In the final chapter of "The Shifters Series", Faythe and her Pride must fight a tyrannical werecat intent on taking over the territorial council, and the south-central Pride in particular. It's down to Faythe to take on the role of Alpha before she feels completely ready for the job. Forced to rise to the occasion, Faythe must balance experience, advice, and the urge for vengeance. She must also finally choose between Marc and Jace...No decisions will be is easy, and not everyone will survive this epic fight to the death.
I’ve been following the Shifter series since Stray first came out and love it. I pre-ordered this a few months ago and was overjoyed when it finally arrived. It’s already leaped to the top of my reading pile so expect a review soon!
The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords 2) – Jennifer Fallon, Tor (April 2010)
This has been on my wishlist for a while as I adore Jennifer Fallon’s writing so when I was in Forbidden Planet on Friday I couldn’t resist a little purchase! :)
So what have you got this week?  

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