Saturday, 13 November 2010

On My Wishlist #13

This is a meme from Book Chick City. There are so many books out there that I want to read that this is the only way I can keep track!

The heavenly theme continues this week with books based on a Gods theme...

Amercian Gods - Neil Gaiman
Publisher: UK - Headline (September 2005)

After three years in prison, Shadow has done his time. But as the time until his release ticks away, he can feel a storm brewing. Two days before he gets out, his wife Laura dies in a mysterious car crash, in adulterous circumstances. Dazed, Shadow travels home, only to encounter the bizarre Mr Wednesday claiming to be a refugee from a distant war, a former god and the king of America. Together they embark on a very strange journey across the States, along the way solving the murders which have occurred every winter in one small American town. But the storm is about to break...

I've been eyeing this book up for months, possibly years. It made such a big splash when it was first released but I some how missed it. Since then, I occasionally pick it up in the book stores but never quite made it to the till with it. One day I will read it!

The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance Trilogy 2) - N.K. Jemisin
Publisher: UK - Orbit (November 2010)

In the city of Shadow, beneath the World Tree, alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hidden among mortalkind. Oree Shoth, a blind artist, takes in a homeless man who glows like a living sun to her strange sight. However, this act of kindness is to engulf Oree in a nightmarish conspiracy. Someone, somehow, is murdering godlings, leaving their desecrated bodies all over the city. Oree's peculiar guest is at the heart of it, his presence putting her in mortal danger - but is it him the killers want, or Oree? And is the earthly power of the Arameri king their ultimate goal, or have they set their sights on the Lord of Night himself?

I really enjoyed The Hundred-Thousand Kingdoms, the first of teh Inheritance Trilogy earlier this year, so I'm looking forward to getting this, the next in the trilogy!

Goddess of Legend - PC Cast
Publisher: UK - Piatkus (January 2010)

Isabel, a world-weary photojournalist, is grounded back home in Oklahoma, when her car plummets off a bridge into a lake. Struggling on the edge between life and death, she's miraculously saved by the Water Goddess, but with one tiny caveat: Isabel must travel to another time to seduce the legendary Lancelot du Lac away from Queen Guinevere. Simple. After all, the handsome knight is a dream for any woman in any century. Unfortunately Isabel is the one who's seduced - by the soulful eyes of the wise and soft-spoken King Arthur. But for Isabel, a deal is a deal. Now, the King watches as fate takes from him the mysterious beauty he has come to worship, knowing all too well that any interference on his part could destroy the kingdom he loves.

PC Cast is an author I've been exploring this year - love some books, not keen on others. So I'm curious to try her Goddess summoning series which is being released in the UK in the next few months!

Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers - Marika Cobbold
Publisher: UK - Bloomsbury (February 2010)

Rebecca Finch is a highly successful romantic novelist who has fallen out of love with love. When she heads off for a weekend in Paris and doesn't care that she has absent-mindedly left her boyfriend on the platform in Waterloo, things look bad. But when her god-daughter, struck with pre-wedding jitters, asks Rebecca if marriage is a good idea, and she can't think of a single reason to reply 'yes', she realises it's serious. The 'High Priestess of Romance' is having a crisis of faith. On Mount Olympus, things aren't any easier. Aphrodite is stressed because divorce rates are rocketing and nobody is taking her seriously any more, and Eros, going through a difficult phase, seems to be carelessly shooting arrows without even a thought for the basic compatibility of his victims. So with even her favourite earth-bound acolyte, Rebecca Finch, showing signs of disillusionment, Aphrodite resolves to take drastic action.

This seems like a fun read - I haven't read any chick-lit for a while so I'm looking forward to some lighter reads!

So what are you wishing for this week? :)


  1. I'm the same with American Gods! I've read a lot of Neil Gaiman and loved it, and everyone always tells me American Gods is the best one, I just never get around to reading it. We should set a date and encourage each other to read it! :P

  2. Ooh those all look great! You're tempting me to put even more on my wishlist!

    Thanks for the visit and comment :)

  3. Have not read any of the authors myself except Novellas by Cast, hope you get to read all of them Mel!

    I am Wishing for Holiday reading this week

    Jackie ^_^

  4. American Gods and Broken Kingdoms are already on my wishlist. My favorite goddess summoning book so far was Goddess of the Rose. Beauty and the Beast redo. :) That last book looks great just from the title!

  5. Wow! Outstanding choices! Hope you get to read them :) Have a great weekend and drop by my blog if you get a chance.

  6. After you read American Gods you should read Anansi Boys.

    I'm wishing for a lot of books recommended by the Color Online blog.