Monday, 13 December 2010

Storm Warning Review

Storm Warning
-      Toni Anderson
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Sorcha Logan is looking for peace.
Recently returned to her hometown on Scotland's craggy coast, Sorcha wants to tame the spirits that made her flee. When she finds a corpse in the surf, however, she can't suppress the memory of discovering her father's body. Nor can she suppress the ghosts that haunt her-or the town's conviction that she's dangerous, and a witch.  
Ben Foley is looking for a killer.
An American DEA agent, Ben is in town to investigate the suspicious death of his partner. He's sure that Sorcha knows more than she's letting on-but the more time he spends with the sexy suspect, the less he can fight their illicit attraction. And the less certain he is she's involved with a drug cartel.
But can Ben protect Sorcha from being set up? Or worse-killed?
There were things I liked about this book and things I didn’t. I liked the way Ben continues to worry about his lost partner and how falling for main suspect would impact his career. I didn’t like that he seemed so focussed Sorcha as the main suspect he didn’t really think about anyone else – even though she had only arrived back in Scotland two months earlier. I liked the progression of the relationship between the two leads – the off-again parts seemed natural and not forced – there was real attraction there. And I loved the way Sorcha was able to make the first move. I didn’t like how little the other characters are developed though – they seemed little more than cardboard cutouts.
The story doesn’t focus heavily on the supernatural side – it feels a little tacked as a reason for the heroine to be isolated in the village – do people still believe enough in witches to burn them? In fact the supernatural side seems to hold back the romance some and to me made the story seem a little old fashioned. However, the action and twists kept me reading and the finale at sea in a storm was beautifully described – I couldn’t help but picture it all and root for Sorcha and Ben.
While I moderately enjoyed the book, I don’t think it will be one I will remember well in a few months time.
Recommended for fans of Heather Graham. 6 out of 10.

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  1. I think with that cover and the title, I can't help but think about Storm from X-men. Sorry it wasn't a home run, great read. At least it wasn't horrid! :) Hope the next one will be better. Thanks for the honest review!