Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tracking The Tempest Review

Tracking The Tempest (Jane True 2)
 - Nicole Peeler

Publisher: UK - Orbit

Jane True has almost come to terms with her supernatural heritage ...almost. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and Ryu - Jane's bloodsucking boyfriend - can't let a major holiday go by without getting all gratuitous. An overwhelming dose of boyfriend interference and a last-minute ticket to Boston later, and Jane's life is thrown off course. Ryu's well-intentioned plans create mayhem, and Jane winds up embroiled in an investigation involving a spree of gruesome killings. All the evidence points towards another Halfling, much to Jane's surprise ...

This is a fun enjoyable romp around Boston in the company of the paranormal. Despite the book being filled with gnomes, shifters, kelpies and vampires the emphasis is very much on the normal. Our heroine, Jane True, has only recently learnt about the mystical side of her heritage (her mum is a selkie) but has embraced the world which has helped her find her confidence – and her boyfriend, Ryu. One of the things I love about Jane is that she is so unassuming. She cares about her friends and family – and about strangers she meets. She has an emotional vulnerability that is missing in a lot of heroines. Added to which she is very open about enjoying a physical relationship with Ryu but less certain about their future. I like how this made her seem more normal – no soul mate angst here!  

I really enjoyed the first Tempest book, Tempest Rising, but thought it was a little disjointed. This story doesn’t have that issue with the majority of the action based in Boston as Jane becomes embroiled on one of her boyfriends cases after a romantic weekend goes wrong. Jane quickly proves her worth as an investigator thinking outside of the normal magical arena that the rest of the characters rely on. I love the way that Jane has to continually fight to be allowed to peruse the case as her boyfriend is eager to protect her. She doesn’t have huge rows about it but firmly and persuasively argues her way into the investigation and contributes throughout. The story speeds along and I loved spending more time in Jane’s world. I laughed at times, I was gripped by the action and I was hooked by the political side of the story. I’m very much looking forward to Tempest Legacy out next year.

Recommended for fans of Patricia Briggs and Richelle Mead. 8 out of 10.

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  1. Oh another great review of this book. I've been wanting to read this series for a while now. Looks like I'm gonna have to get them all (or at least the first 2). :)