Friday, 6 May 2011

Remember Me 3: The Last Story Review

Remember Me 3: The Last Story
-          Christopher Pike
Publisher: Hodder’s Childen’s Books
First published in the USA and UK in 1995
Shari Cooper lives on, as the talented writer Jean Rodrigues. She has a dream - that vicious creatures are trying to destroy humanity. The creatures won't let the story be told. Neither will they let Shari survive to tell it.
After being somewhat disappointed with Remember Me 2, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the final in the trilogy. Again it was a book I read in my teens but I didn’t remember too much about it (ironic, huh?). However, I was pleasantly surprised as I found taught introspective tale of materialism verses spiritual enlightenment. And if that sounds a little heavy, I promise it’s not. On one level it’s the final part of Shari’s tale and how she has to regain her way again. Woven throughout is a science fiction tale about an alien culture invading Earth in the future that Shari is writing which adds real tension and action to the story. Added to which there is plenty adventure still to be had as Shari starts shooting her new movie based on one of her books.
Romance is a strong element to this book, yet  Christopher Pike has added so many philosophical questions throughout that it gets you thinking about the meaning of life. There are some pleasing cameos by Jimmy, Jo and Detective Garrett, but even Peter doesn’t get a lot of screen time – this is firmly Shari’s story. I was surprised to find a tear in my eye at the end as I was moved by the story. However, despite this it might be a bit wordy for some and the action takes a while to get going. Overall, this is a great end to a trilogy that starts with our heroine’s death and ends the only way it can.  I enjoyed the journey immensely.
Recommended for fans of Christopher Pike and RL Stine. 8 out of 10.

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  1. I should re-read one of the books I liked when I was younger :D There are some I still remember, and I do have them

  2. I was a big RL Stine fan back in the... well, the 80s/90s. LOL

    But I don't remember much on Pike. Seems like I need to reintroduce myself with him. ;)

  3. Hm... this sounds like one I'd enjoy. I'll have to see if the library has his books. Darn... now I don't only have to want the new books you got me wanting the older ones too! ;D

  4. I've got dragons on my wishlist too this week!

    My keeper shelf

  5. I love this book. I reccomend ot to absolutely ANYONE!!!