Saturday, 19 May 2012

On My Wishlist #87

This is a meme from Cosy Books. There are so many books out there that I want to read that this is the only way I can keep track!
This  week I've found myself wishing for some very funny British men...and their books, of course!

Charlotte Street - Danny Wallace
Publisher: Ebury Press
Jason Priestley (not that one) has just seen her. They shared an incredible, brief, fleeting moment of deep possibility, somewhere halfway down Charlotte Street.
And then, just like that, she was gone - accidentally leaving him holding her old-fashioned, disposable camera, chock full of undeveloped photos...
And now Jason - ex-teacher, ex-boyfriend, part-time writer and reluctant hero - faces a dilemma. Should he try and track The Girl down? What if she's The One? But that would mean using the only clues he has, which lie untouched in this tatty disposable...
It's funny how things can develop.

I love Danny Wallace's non-fiction books - they have me in stitches so I have really high hopes for this, his first fiction outing...

Half Sick of Shadows - David Logan
Publisher: Doubleday

On the eve of Granny Hazel's burial in the back garden, a stranger in his time machine - a machine that bears an uncanny resemblance to a Morris Minor - visits five year-old Edward with a strange request. And Edward agrees to be his friend.
But Edward is not alone in the world. His twin sister Sophia is about to bring future tragedy upon herself through an all-too-literal misunderstanding of a promise she's made to their father. So while Sophia stays at home, seemingly condemned to spend the rest of her days in The Manse - a world untouched by modern trappings - Edward is sent to boarding school. There he encounters the kind and the not-so-kind, and meets the strangest child. His name is Alf, and Alf is a boy whose very existence would seem to hint at universes of unlimited possibilities...and who might one day help Edward liberate Sophia.

I loved the other winner of Terry Pratchett's Anywhere But Here, Any when But Now Prize - Apocalypse Cow so I am really curious about this, the second winner. Added to which the book has time travel, a personal favourite, how can I resist?

Dodger - Terry Prachett
Publisher: HarperCollins
A storm. Rain-lashed city streets. A flash of lightning. A scruffy lad sees a girl leap desperately from a horse-drawn carriage, in a vain attempt to escape her captors. Can the lad stand by and let her be caught again? Of course not, because he's ...Dodger

*sigh* Terry Pratchett...need I say more...?

So what are you wishing for this week?


  1. I am wishing for a few fantasy books I realized I do not have ;)

  2. Ah, Terry Pratchett. I remember reading one of his when I was younger... A Hat full of Sky? I loved it.

    Here is my On My Wishlist
    Lauren at Northern Plunder