Thursday, 10 May 2012


Today is my occasional guest reviewer, Sarah’s birthday -
Happy birthday sweetie!

As it was such a success last year, I thought I'd make this an annual event and let YOU guys decide what book to I'll get Sarah as her brithday present! After all you can't go wrong with a book (I always love receiving them!) – but which one? There are so many good books out there and even more I haven’t read yet!
What I want is for you to suggest a book for me to give to Sarah and why she would love it. It can be your personal favourite or a book you really want to get your hands on or even a classic that everyone should read. At the end of the week, I’ll ask Sarah to pick the book that she would like to read the most, purchase it for her and she will later review it for us. To make it more interesting for you guys, I’m offering the follower who’s choice is the chosen book, a book from their wishlist purchased from the Book Depository. So Sarah get’s a book for her birthday and as does one of you lucky people! J
What does Sarah like to read? Well, I'll let her tell you she wants to be tempted by - but I challenge you all to try and tempt her with anything you think is fabulous! And if you're still unsure check out some of her reviews over the last year here!

"Wow, not only is Mel my book-lender-BFF, but she's yet again doing a birthday giveaway on my behalf - it's a good job I'm such a wonderful friend/cinema bud/chauffeur in return! To the matter at hand, and I have a challenge for you Mel's Random Reviews followers - find me a sci-fi novel to love. I know they tend to get pushed together in bookstores - sci-fi & fantasy - but to be honest, I almost never read sci-fi. The only book I have ever given up on was a sci-fi one (not that I can remember the name now, all I can remember was it actually had an index in it for the hundreds of characters in the book, there were that many, not my cup of tea at all), and I read perhaps 1 a year. I do love the Ender books, and anything by John Wyndham, but that's about it for the genre. So, there's your challenge - find me a sci-fi book to really enjoy. Does one exist with characters like Dresden (my fav lead in any book, ever), or a well-written romance like in Trudi Canavan's Black Magician series, or fantastic action sequences like in Barclay's The Raven novels? If they do, then I'm sure you guys and gals can find it for me, and there's even a prize for the winner! I look forward to choosing, and reviewing, the winner." - Sarah

Rules (cos otherwise they’ll be chaos!):
- Open to alll - Don't have to be a follower
- Fill in the form below including a book recommendation for Sarah & why she should read it
- Competition is International – as long as The Book Depository ships to you. If you’re not sure check here.
- Giveaway ends Midnight (GMT) Wednesday 16th May 2011
- The winning book will be picked by Sarah. If more than one person has suggested the winning book, the winner will be based on the person with the best reason for reading

- Good Luck all!


  1. What an amazing idea! Happy birthday to Sarah! Joyeux Anniversaire!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Mel, you are a great friend! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! :o)
    What an awesome way to pick a book-gift! :o) Love it!

  4. i wish i had a good friend like you mel!!
    happy b-day sarah!!!
    thanks for the opportunity as well :D

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah!! May the next year bring you lots of joy and laughter with much success in all you do.

  6. Thanks everyone! I had a lovely, long birthday weekend with all my lovely friends & family :-)

  7. Happy happy birthday Sarah!! :-D Hope you had some yummy cake ;-)