Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Same Book/Different Cover - The Spellman Files

This is an occasional feature where I compare different covers of the same book...while usually I compare foreign edition, this particular book has be re-published so many times if I included all the copies we could be here all night! So what's the book this month?
It's a series that I love to read - always a fun ride - The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz! It's such an amusing series about a family of private detectives who spend more time trying to keep secrets from each other than working on their clients cases. Here are some of the covers I've spotted around...

US Hardcover
French Cover

German Cover

Indonesian Cover
UK Cover

US Cover: This is fun with the whole family peeking through the newspaper but I'm not sure I like that they are hidden from us...
French Cover: I really like this cover - the traditional view of Private Investigators in the trenchcoat and glasses with the San Francisco Skyline below - it intrigues me
German Cover: Very bright colours - far too green for my liking - this cover almost looks radioactive!
Indonesian Cover: This reminds me of graphic novel styles - cool and I just adore her eyes!
UK Cover: This is the cover I own and I have to confess when I first picked it up in the shop I thought it was a chick-lit book. But it is colourful and captures the tone of the book!

My favourite? Hmm...I think the french one, but on the whole  these covers are all pretty good (apart form the German one!)

What do you think? Which is your favourite cover?


  1. I like both the US and UK cover best, but like you said the UK cover does look like chick-lit. Based on that I guess my vote goes to the US cover! ;)

  2. I like the French cover the best. It reminds me of the 80s era, for some reason. :)

  3. I have to agree... the French cover is my fave. :)

  4. Boring boring boring ohh the LAST one is nice :D

  5. Ha! I think all of them are super cute, but I'm with you on the French one being my fav.

  6. Well I have the french one at home, the same for the second one but I was too curious abd bought the English for the third. I think my favorite is the Indonesian Cover, so fun!

  7. Wow! Talk about all over the board on this one! lol. I think I like the UK or Indonesia covers.