Saturday, 6 April 2013

Book Confessions: Impact of Dyslexia!

So I didn't have anything planned for today's post. I'm a little bit behind with my review writing (I will have to get scribbling in order for any posts to be ready this week!), I couldn't think of anything interesting to write about and I didn't want to just publish anything. So today was going to be a rare silent day from me. 

But then I read a post by my friend, Kris which touched on reading, blogging and the impact dyslexia on his life. I was moved. Dyslexia is harder to diagnose than you'd think and it is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life - not just at school. He explains it better than I could. Go read it and let me know if dyslexia has had an impact on your life. 

Right, I'm off to drag Kris into some book shops! :-)


  1. I resisted buying books. I nearly bought a book, but realised I have over a hundred to read.

    Thank you Mel for a fantastic post. Did you know I wrote the post at 3 am because I could not sleep?