Friday, 31 May 2013

Mel's Random May + WINNER

This was another mixed month for me. You may have noticed I wasn't around for most of the month. Both good and bad reasons for this - first I was on holiday with my guest reviewer, Sarah. Lots of reading, eating and laziness by the pool, which we had pretty much to ourselves!
Poolside Reading Every Day!

However, when we got back I found out my Gran died and this week we had the funeral. Lots of family over from around the work, but far too soon after losing my Mum. It's been a real blow and one of the reasons that I have thrown myself into reading rather than catching up on writing my reviews in the last couple of weeks.

So what reviews have I managed to publish this month?

Shakespeare's Champion - Charlaine Harris
The Lady of Rivers - Phillippa Gregory (British Book Challenge)
Poison - Sarah Pinborough (British Book Challenge)
The Long Earth - Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (British Book Challenge)


Brush With Death - Karen MacInerney
The Disgrace of Kitty Grey - Mary Hooper (British Book Challenge)
Always There - Carol Ann Albright Eastman
Zenn Scarlett - Christian Schoon
The Boleyn King - Laura Andersen
Immortal Eclipse - Sherry Soule
Forbidden Fruit - Ann Aguirre

Sarah's Review
Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs

Other Posts
What I Did On World Book Night
Holiday TBR Pile

It was also Sarah's birthday this month and the now annual help-me-get-her-a-book-for-her-birthday giveaway!

I'm happy to say Sarah has chosen a winner...drumroll please....


I'm keeping the actual book secret from Sarah for now but the words that persuaded her to try this particular book were...

Thrice Dead Foretells Divine Opening

A quick note from Sarah...

Congratulations to the winner of my birthday book competition, I look forward to reading your recommendation!  There was some stiff competition for the prize, and I procrastinated on no fewer than four of the 5-word entries – you lot certainly know how to tempt a reader!   However, Helene’s entry reminded me so much of the sort of cryptic description Mel would come up with, and that was what swung it in the end.  Mel won’t even tell me what the book is called, I am to wait (im)patiently for it at home for it.  I’ll let you know what I thought of it in due course.  Thanks again to everyone for entering.

So does anyone want to guess what book these words refer to? :)

So updating the challenges -
British Books Challenge - 19 Read

Best of the Bunch: Always There just hit me emotionally - highly recommended!

Honorable Mentions: The Boleyn King and The Lady of Rivers really got my historical groove on this month, while Poison was a fun and sexy retelling of Snow White!

So what was your month like? :)


  1. I'm really sorry for your loss, all my condoleances.

    Comparaing to your month mine was a quite a good one in fact, this month hasn't been has bad for me but i've discovered that i was sick but we don't kno why so lot of medical exams and some results later today. because of teh permanent headache i haven't read as much or as quickly i would have loved but i'm still happy

  2. ((HUGE HUGS))

    I totally understand throwing yourself into reading. We sometimes really need that space and escape and diving into another world is helpful.

    Know that I'm thinking of you and sending you Yankee Hugs!!

  3. That pool- wow!!!
    Always There sounds so good, and I need to check out your review of Zenn Scarlett because that's a book I'm really curious about.
    I hope June is a better month for you. xxxx

  4. So sorry to hear about your Gran Mel, I lost my gran this time last year and didn't feel like reviewing much either. I'm sending hugs your way xx

  5. I am so sorry, sweetheart! *big hugs from both me and the hubby* Just please be gentle with yourself and don't push things through that you are not ready to do. They can always wait. *lots of love*