Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Accidental Sorcerer Review

The Accidental Sorcerer (Rogue Agent – Book 1)
- K.E. Mills

Publisher: UK - Orbit

Why I picked it up: I was browsing my local Waterstones and already had 3 books from their 3 for 2 range and needed a third. I’d heard a lot of thing about Karen Miller’s straight fantasy series and as KE Mills is her pseudonym for a more comedic series, thought I’d give it a try. It’s been on my to be read pile since January (not a long time compared to some of the others sitting there!) so thought I’d give it a go...

Back Blurb: Gerald Dunwoody is a wizard. Just not a particularly good one. He's blown up a factory, lost his job, and there's a chance that he's not really a Third Grade wizard after all. Career disaster strikes again. Luckily, an influential friend manages to get him a posting. So it's off to New Ottosland to be the new Court Wizard for King Lional. His back-up, an ensorcelled bird with a mysterious past, seems dubious. But it's New Ottosland, or nothing. Unfortunately, King Lional isn't the vain, self-centred young man he appeared to be. With a Princess in danger, a bird-brained back-up, and a kingdom to save, Gerald soon suspects he might be out of his depth. And if he can't keep this job, how can he become the wizard he was destined to be ...

What I thought: The first couple of chapters were a bit a struggle to read as it seemed to blend high fantasy concepts such as Magic and Wizard staffs with a modern setting (Bureaucratic safety checks), while a disaster is occurring but after that I got to grips with the world. The hero was not an anti-hero, nor was he heroic, but he has a moral core and won’t run away when people need help and really suffers when he makes the wrong choices. The world seemed real – much closer to the real world than most fantasy worlds. And while not Terry Prachett funny the frumpy princess, the know-it-all bird and the butterfly mad prince where all strong characters that raised a wry chuckle or two. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Recommended for: Readers who want something different from their fantasy or an entertaining few hours escapism into Ottosland.
Rating: 8 of 10

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