Friday, 17 April 2009

Kitty and the Silver Bullet Review

Kitty and the Silver Bullet
- Carrie Vaughn

Publisher: UK - Gallancz

Why I picked it up: I’ve been following the Kitty series for a while and always look forward to the next one.

Back Blurb: Kitty's radio show, Kitty's Midnight Hour, is as popular as ever, and now she has a boyfriend who actually seems to understand her. Can she finally settle down to a normal life? Not if this is just the calm before the storm. When her mother falls ill, Kitty rushes back to Denver -- and right back to the abusive pack of werewolves she escaped a year ago. To make matters worse, a war is brewing in the vampire community as Denver's two oldest vampires vie for the city, threatening the whole supernatural community. Though she wants to stay neutral, Kitty is once again drawn into a world of politics and violence. To protect her family, her lover, and herself, she'll have to choose sides . . . and maybe become what she hates most about her kind: a killer.

What I thought: I loved it! The last Kitty book (Kitty Takes a Holiday), while adding to the main character’s growth and responsibilities seemed to end without a denouement – it just ended. This book is far richer as Kitty returns home to Denver and confronts the Alphas who killed her best friend in the first book and exiled her from Denver. It really showed how much Kitty has grown since the start of the series and there were some great revelations regarding vampires, werewolf pack dynamics and interestingly Kitty’s relationship with her human family. This had a lot of action in as well as enough intelligent plot to make you want more and I galloped through the book in a couple of days. The only thing missing was a focus on Kitty’s relationship with Ben, her mate but this was simmering in the background and I jumped for joy towards the end as it was resolved.

Recommended for: Werewolf fans everywhere

Rating: 9 out of 10

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