Thursday, 6 January 2011

Darkness Under The Sun Review

Darkness Under The Sun
-       Dean Koontz
Kindle Book
There once was a killer who knew the night, its secrets and rhythms. How to hide within its shadows. When to hunt. He roamed from town to town, city to city, choosing his prey for their beauty and innocence. His cruelties were infinite, his humanity long since forfeit. But still…he had not yet discovered how to make his special mark among monsters, how to come fully alive as Death. This is the story of how he learned those things, and of what we might do to insure that he does not visit us.
First I should say that this is a short story available on e-format as a prequel or additional background for Dean Koontz’s new book, What The Night Knows. However, no prior knowledge of that book is needed or even required to fully enjoy this story. I picked it up when Amazon were offering it free a couple of week ago but I believe there is now a cost on it.
This story is creepy. It starts with a young boy, Howie, who has trouble making friends because of the way he looks. One day he finds a man he finds in his secret hidey hole who befriends him. I don’t want to say too much and ruin the story but this book has such a haunted atmosphere to it. The boy is haunted by his past and struggles to live day to day because of it.
To me this book felt like reading a Stephen King rather than Dean Koontz. Usually Dean Koontz characters have a core of goodness to them which helps them fight the evil they come across. But this is much darker than his usual fare and he does spooky very well. The boy is still finding himself and that adds more shades of grey to the story. The ambiguous ending as well leaves me shivering and wondering. I think this actually strengthens the story - which is perfect to read on a stormy night with the curtains closed against the dark. It’s not a long story but a perfect little taster that will definitely have me picking up What The Night Knows  when it’s released.
Recommended for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. 9 out of 10


  1. Hmm... I think I know someone who likes both authors and I need to recommend this to them. Great review. I wasn't even aware of this one!

  2. Hmm, might be worth checking out - sounds like a throwback to his older work, which wasn't alwas so bright and hopeful (and was the stronger for it). As much as I like the quirkiness of Odd Thonas, I think Mr. Murder was his last really solid read . . . and there was nothing at all redeeming about his villain there.