Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Winner!

We're well into the New Year - and doesn't the holiday break seem like a long time ago?! Coming back to work has been a really struggle for me but hopefully this will cheer one person up - I have drawn a winner of my New Year Giveaway! Thanks to everyone for entering - there were a lot of new authors I'd not heard of that you recommended - lots to try out for the new year!  Back to business and the winner is....drumroll please....

Congratulations! I've emailed you and you have 5 days to reply with your choice of book from Maria V Snyder's catalogue. Otherwise a new winner will be drawn. Hope you enjoy the book! :)

Sorry to everyone else, but of you get the chance do pick up one of Maria V Snyder's books - there's not a bad book yet! :-)

In addition, you recommended so many authors that I have to confess I've not heard a lot about. I hope to have some chance in the coming weeks to look at their books in more detail but for those of you who are intrigued, here's the complete list:

Authors Who Deserve More Recognition:
- Maria V Snyder
- Susanne Dunlap
- Kristen Britain
- Zoe Heller
- Skyler White
- Kate Angell
- Jess Granger
- Joanne Valiukas
- Melissa Dela Cruz
- Kristen Marquette
- Cinda Williams Chima
- China Mieville
- Isobelle Carmody
- Renee Wildes
- S.L. Naeole
- Michelle Rowan
- Sarah Addison Allen
- Sarah Dessen

So if you fancy trying someone different have a look at one of these authors!


  1. Going back to work has been tough for me too - but then it is every time I have a holiday!

  2. Thank you again =) I look forward to getting my book...yay!