Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Book Confessions: #1 - Bookmarks

This is a new feature I’ve thinking about for a while and have finally decided to take the plunge. As you may have noticed I love books! Like most book bloggers, I read a lot. But there are some things related to reading that I’ve kept secret – until now. This feature is my chance to confess what I’ve done or what I’ve not done related to reading. Sometimes it will be a book I’ve never read or a genre I avoid. Other times it may be something else like today’s confession. Please let me know what you think of this feature and perhaps you have a confession of your own you’d like to share... J
My very first book confession is about book marks. I adore bookmarks. I have a pretty decent collection of various sizes, shapes and colours, but I’m picky about them. I won’t buy just any bookmark – it has to tickle me or strike me in some way. The reason for this is that I like to match the bookmark to the book I’m reading. I rarely use the same bookmark for two books running but will change and match a bookmark to my next book depending on theme, size and if I think they go together. Pretty weird, huh? As part of this feature I’ve decided to embrace the strangeness and share some of my favourite bookmarks.
This are some of my favourite bookmarks - most are pretty worn as they get used a lot!

When I travel to different places I always look out for scenic bookmarks of the local area.

A couple of bookmarks I've received from friends in the last year
My favourite bookmark!
My absolute favourite bookmark (and yes, I have a favourite!) was bought for me about ten years ago by my friend, Kris. It was on a week course with uni in this house in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a small shop selling souvenirs. I fell in love with the bookmark as the style and colour just spoke to me. I really wanted it. However, I didn’t have any money on me. (I was student I never had much money!) I was going to leave it, but Kris bought it for me. I’ve never paid him back and he’s never asked any money for it despite my promise to pay him back at the time. I’m not even sure if he remembers the incident! It’s a little thing but I still love the bookmark – and still use it regularly. It might not be in the best shape now but I love it.
So that’s my guilty little secret – I love bookmarks. And as great as my kindle is at marking my reading place, it will never be the same as holding a bookmark in my hand while reading – or even nervously playing with it as the book reaches a climax.
Am I alone on the bookmark collection? Or do you have something to confess as well? ;)

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  1. My bookmark collection is measly because I am that horrible sort of person that turns down the corners of pages :P

  2. I remember the incident now :-). You do not have to pay me back. You have paid me back many times with your friendship (and books you bought me).

    I am glad that I bought you your favourite. I am now feeling very happy.

  3. I used to love bookmarks, but got out of buying them and started using anything paper nearby. lol Now, I've gotten a few from authors so I'm using them again. Love your collection!

  4. I love bookmarks too, though I intentionally make myself not buy them. I never use them. I always buy really pretty ones and think, "I'll use this one this time, really," and then I never do. It just seems like such a waste, even if they are awesome and I love collecting them.

  5. I love bookmarks and I have a little collection of them, but most of them are ones I either got for free, as a present or are random things I decided to use as a bookmark or made in to a bookmark.

  6. Ohhh, bookmarks... I think that is a weakness for many of us as they are so inexpensive. :) And adorable! I love all yours here. Thanks for sharing them!