Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Audiobook Review: Real Murders

Real Murders (Aurora Teagarden #1)

Written by Charlaine Harris

Read by Therese Plummer
Librarian Aurora Teagarden reckons she knows everything about her fellow townsfolk, including which ones share her interest in the darker side of human nature, as she and her friends have formed a club to discuss real life killings. But fiction soon becomes fact as more and more bodies are discovered, and the similarities between prior murders and those of Aurora's fellow townsfolk become frighteningly common
I’ve read most of the Sookie Stackhouse books and enjoyed the down to earth take on the supernatural so I thought I’d try some of Charlaine Harris’s ‘regular’ mysteries. Real Murders takes place in a small town where everyone seems to know each other and have ‘their place’. Aurora or Roe is one of the librarians with little social life, always over shadowed by either her glamorous and successful mother or her beautiful best friend. Her one solace is the monthly meeting of Real Murders, a true crime club where they discuss old murders and the investigations. When one of the members is found murder at one of their meetings, Row find herself caught up in the investigation and possibly one of the next victims...
This is very much in the cosy mystery area with a regular person somehow able to make the pieces of the crime fit together better than the police, ask the questions that they don’t – all while continuing to live a normal life. As such it is an easy listen, not overly taxing but nothing really pulls me back to want to know what happens next. I found Roe a little bit of a caricature of a small town librarian and while a perfectly pleasant character not anyone that will ever back the lists of strongest women ever. In comparison I found her mother a much more compelling character with some real backbone. Roe also has a couple of love interests – for the first time in her life it seems and she is rather unsure about which one she likes.  
The murders themselves are the most compelling element with someone determined to recreated scenes and circumstances of famous real murders. I was not quite sure who it was and was surprised by the solution. That raised the story for me. The narration was perfect competent but not inspiring. The writing was very easy and unchallenging. Overall, this was a perfect nice audiobook but one I’m unlikely to remember much about in a few months.
Recommended for fans of Nora Roberts and M.C. Beaton  6.5 out of 10


  1. Yeah, I tried a few pages of this series a while back and just couldn't get into it. I though I would like it because I'm a big fan of the SS series, but it just didn't work for me. Glad to know the element of surprise remained till the end.

  2. I tried her other series too, Harper Connely, and it was a slow start but later on it got better. I think Sci-Fi or some other cable channel is developing this for TV too. I have yet to read this but I like CHarris' brand of mystery, I'll pick this up after I wrap up Harper Connely.

  3. I fear no, I do hear that she is tstl too

  4. I have a couple of her Harper series I still need to read. I might have to pick her up when I'm in the mood for a cozy. I forgot she had the teagarden series!

  5. I read this one awhile back and enjoyed it as well. It don't blow me away by any means but it was a pretty solid beginning to this series and I'm definitely going to read more. I actually really enjoyed Harris' Harper Connelly series if you haven't tried that one yet. It is one that I would recommend!