Thursday, 19 July 2012

Throwback Thursday #57 - 666 Charing Cross Road

This is a great feature that Melissa at My words and pictures has been doing for a while and I wanted to jump on board! There are plenty of books out there I desperately want...

But what about all those wonderful books that are ALREADY on my shelves?
666 Charing Cross Road - Paul Magrs
In a Manhattan gallery, a strange, undead woman who’s been lost for centuries, is found in a basement and becomes the centrepiece of Shelley’s new museum show. Nicknamed Bessie, the Scottish Bride, she is an overnight celebrity as Christmas approaches.
From the dusty vaults beneath the famed bookshops in Charing Cross Road, Shelley’s bibliophile aunt Liza receives crumbling volumes by post, while her friend Jack prefers brand-new books and his brand-new lover. When a small leather-bound book of spells arrives, Liza finds it repellent. But its arcane magic brings Bessie to life, and enthrals Shelley’s posh boyfriend Daniel – literally. It contains the quintessence of evil in the form of a dark bloodstain marking several pages: vampire blood.
As Daniel’s power grows, everyone’s lives are infected. Soon the vicious vampire infestation rife in NYC threatens to spread to London – and only the Scottish Bride and her new friends can stop it...
I won this a while ago but it involves magic and books - how have I not read it yet...? Even better it's set in both New York and London - two of my favourite cities! Which city would win in the ultimate smack down...? :)


  1. I love the sound of this, I woll get this for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I love the 666 on the cover. :D LOL! Great pick this week, and now I'm curious about the book.

  3. Oh I'm curious about this one, you need to read it to tell me if I should buy it!!