Saturday, 14 July 2012

What Shall I Read This July? + Winners

While it may feel a little late in the month (apologies but life got in the way this week!), I asked you all what I should read this month and it was a very closely run match. Although one book got more comments another had more votes and you choose...drum roll please...

The full results for those interested in such things were -

Bright Young Things -  45%
Dead Witch Walking -  39%
Immortal Beloved -        8%
Black Magic Woman -   8%

So the plan is to squeeze Bright Young Things in around the review books in the next two week...

And who won their choice of book from my TBR pile? The winner is Melissa from My World... in words and pages! Congratulations! I have sent an email asking for your book choice.


As well as my TBR pile winner, I was also part of the All Male Genre Review hosted by so many lovely ladies my head could explode!

The winner from that hop was.... Desiree! Desiree choose 0.4 by Mike Lancaster - I've sent an email.

And that's it for now - right, I have to get back to cleaning the flat...not my most favourite chore...


  1. Congraties Melissa MWIWAP and Desiree!

    Hey, where is my .1% with the Kelly Gay book. READ EET! ;) Although I do want to know what you think of Bright Young Things. :)

  2. Do hope you enjoy Bright Young Things. :) And thank you!! !:D