Tuesday, 25 September 2012

You Asked Me about...Me - again!

 To kick off my second year Blogoversary, I asked YOU to interview ME. And, boy, was I surprised at the number of questions I got, the variety and sheer inventiveness! So I’ve been able to split the questions into three sections –questions about Book & Authors, questions about Blogging and questions about Me/Random. Previously I answered questions about Books & Authors and Blogging and last week I started answering some random questions about Me... which continues today!

More Questions about Me!

Rachael L : If you could portray a character from a novel in a film who would you portray and why?   I’d love to play Kate Daniels from Magic Bites as she would get some great action scenes and to play opposite Curran...who I would love to see on the big screen!

Melissa (Books and Things):  If you come to the states, where would you like to visit? Come to my house for doberman kisses and lots of malamute fur!   I’ve been to the states a few times already – doing the usual tourist places: New York, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas and San Francisco, but I currently have a craving to visit Colorado (during the summer – I’m not much for winter sports!) and see the mountains. And a visit with your puppy would definitely be on my shortlist! J

Daniela: If you wrote a book, what would it be about? Why?   I’m not actually a writer – but if I ever got struck my inspiration I would like to write a book that has a lot of adventure, great characters  and a different world as those are the things I like to read!

Evie: What's your favourite song? I’m not sure I have an absolute favourite...at the moment I’m listening to The Muppets soundtrack a lot so I would say it’s Are You A Man or a Muppet? J Normally, I love listening to Take That, Bon Jovi and Pink so I’m not really up to date with the cool kids with my taste in music! 

And Finally, some random questions...

Tanja V:  Do you like Nutella?   I LOVE Nutella! A secret tip – if you buy the small glass jars, when you’ve eaten all the nutella (aka as soon as possible!) then the jar makes a very nice drinking glass – most of my glasses are old nutella jars! J

Lesley @ My keeper shelf:   What toys will be popular this Christmas, I figure you would know and I need to start thinking about Christmas!!!  Ah, someone remembers what my day job is! J For girls it’s all about Lego Friends or Furby, Boys will want Nerf or Spider-Man while for Preschoolers I recommend either of the preschool tablets – LeapPad or Innotab or Mike the Knight items!

Melliane:  Have you ever been in France?  Yes, but not properly! I did a few day trips to Calais and Le Touquet growing up, and I’ve been to Paris for work a few times. But usually only see the hotel and the office in La Defense...I really want to do the touristy things in Paris, spend some time in the south of France or see the mountains of Toulouse...one day maybe...

Krista:   5 (fun) books that you would bring with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?
Watership Down by Richard Adams as it was favourite book growing up and I love rereading it
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen as I’ve never read it and if I was a deserted island I might actually read it!
Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey as I adore the story and it has a bit of everything thrown in
Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice as it was my favourite of the Vampire Chronicles
The Ancient Future by Traci Harding as I love the mix of time travel, romance and adventure

Donnas :  What authors would you love to have dinner and chat with?   Stephen King as I enjoy his books and can’t help thinking he would be a fun dinner guest,  Charlie Higson as his The Enemy series is fantastic fun with zombies for teens and Kelley Armstrong so I can quiz her about writing a long running, but never dull Urban Fantasy series!

Emma:  Um, tricky. Ok, you and all your books are travelling somewhere nice when a storm blows up. Realising you're about to be shipwrecked which 2 books do you grab and shove into your handy waterproof rucksack?
Assuming I can’t grab my kindle (J)...I would take American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey as both are books I want to reread and I know they are big enough books to read until I’m rescued! (No idea why the answer here is different from 5 books on a desert island - it just is!)
Draconismoi:  Are you pro or con dragon?  I love dragons – definitely pro!

Bruce S:  What do chickens most fear!?  You! J
One scared chicken...
I hoped you all enjoyed interviewing me for blogoversary - I loved answering them! And I especially liked the the variety and randomness of some of the questions. Now I did promise one of you a book for your question and the winner is...
Congratulations Melissa! Your book is one it's way!


  1. Great answers!

    Lol, Pride and Prejudice is a little hard to get through, but it's worth reading at least once.

  2. I have never tasted nutella, *sobs*

  3. Oh thanks for the answer, I hope you could come back and really visit!

  4. YaY! Melissa! Damn girl... I'm going to have to rub your head or something to get some of that luck.. LOL

    Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey? I so need to read it. I loved one book and I need to read this series.

    Oh and since I live in CO, you can get the dobie kisses and mal fur with a tour of the mountains! :D I would love you to visit!!!

  5. Cool post, happy belated Blogoversary!
    I can't eat Nutella - it would kill me! I'm allergic to nuts!

    I read Pride & Prejudice at school but didn't particularly like it. Haven't heard of some of those other books, I'll have to do some investigating. :D

  6. LOL! Melissa (Books&Things) Um, at least it's not my belly you are trying to rub. LOL! And thanks.

    Thank you Mel.

    And When you come to the states, you know you have many of us you have to visit, right? ;)

    Great posts and questions.