Tuesday, 18 September 2012

You Asked Me about...Me!

To kick off my second year Blogoversary, I asked YOU to interview ME. And, boy, was I surprised at the number of questions I got, the variety and sheer inventiveness! So I’ve been able to split the questions into three sections –questions about Book & Authors, questions about Blogging and questions about Me/Random. Previously I answered questions about Books & Authors and Blogging so this week I'm answering some random questions about Me...

Questions about Me!

Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea:  What's your favourite film or TV show? :) / Mariee:         What's your favorite TV show?    Supernatural is my absolutely favourite TV show at the moment – I could watch Sam and Dean forever! I also like Doctor Who, Fringe and Game of Thrones from the current TV shows. I used to be mad for Quantum Leap, Buffy, Angel and Firefly. My favourite films tends to change depending on my mood but I love superhero films – The Avengers, X-Men and Dark Knight as well as Back to the Future, Independence Day and My Fair Lady (!). Yes, I am a complete geek – and proud of it! J

The Winchester Boys - my current favourites!
Chloe S:   If you could go back in time and say one thing to yourself 10 years ago, what would you say?   Take more risks – even if they don’t work out as least you tried!

Zara A:  If you could be any fictional character or creature for a day (or at least for the entirety of a novel!), who would you choose to be and why?   I would love to be cat-shifter. I love the idea of being able to climb trees, stalk creatures in silence and completely disregard other people!

Tamsyn:   How do you find space on your bookshelves for all the books you have?   I don’t! My bookcases are all double stacked and I ran out of room on them months ago. Currently my chest of drawers is doubling as an overflow TBR pile...

Lisa H:   What book 'world' would you want to live in the most?  Hmmm....crazy as it sounds I’d quite like to live in Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree. The story is pretty old fashioned now but I loved it as a kid and the idea of finding all these fabulous worlds at the top of the tree everyday would be fantastic!

Leslie G:   What was your favourite book when you were a kid?   Watership Down – I loved the story of rabbits trying to find their new home despite the dangers of the world. I still try to re-read it as often as possible...

Irene J: Do you have a kindle? I was wondering which was easier to read on bus or train ,paperback or kindle.   I have a kindle – and I LOVE it! It was a birthday present from some friends a couple of years ago and possibly one of the best presents I’ve ever received. While I still read plenty of physical books to the kindle is the easiest for reading on the train as I don’t lose any bookmarks and can drink a morning coffee with struggling to turn pages.

Ellisa:    What is one of your biggest achievements in life, one that is so memorable and you're proud of?   Getting my Masters Degree in Physics was a big achievement and one that I’m proud of, but I think the most memorable thing for me is taking the leap and going travelling on my own for six months in 2007. I spent four months in Australia and two in New Zealand and had so many experiences and did so many things I never thought I would (Sky diving, Blackwater Rafting, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, handling snakes and lizards, sleeping in the outback...). I’m not the most active of people so making the effort to do that was something I will always proud of myself for doing.

Sam (Tiny Library):   Where's your dream place to go on holiday?  So many places I want to see! At the moment it would a Safari in Africa – I would love to see all those amazing animals in the wild – elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalo, zebras... I would love to do a hot air balloon safari and see the sunrise over the plains.

Blodeuedd:  What did you want to be when you were a kid?   I changed my mind a lot as a kid – for a while I wanted to be a Vet until I realised I need to cope with blood, a journalist was a dream for a few years until I realised I was better at fiction that reality! I’m pretty sure that working for market research within the Toy industry was never on my shortlist – but that’s what I do now! J

Suz Reads:   Do you have a funny story about a pet you had & what is the story?   Hmmm, we had cats while I was growing up and one Tabby learnt how to knock on the door to be let in. She would stand on her back paws and bash her front paws on the door until it opened! It was very cute...
My old cat who would knock on the door to come in...
Kara-Karina: I would like to know more about you Mel, not only about the books you read. Embarassing guilty pleasures, obsessions? Funny geeky stuff like that :) Guilty pleasure huh? Well, I end up watching The X-Factor each year despite knowing they set up all the emotional stories...it’s my one reality TV show that I watch! Also I have a very bad habit sending my friends text messages before 7am – if I get to station early I frequently send them a morning wake up text usually moaning the earliness of the hour or the lack of coffee...surprisingly very few complain!

There were a lot of personal questions so there will be another post for the remaining questions!


  1. I can confirm that Mel sends A LOT of early morning texts... Good job I'm normally up early too!

  2. You've done so much cool things in your life ^_^. Not entirely sure what black water rafting is but I do want to try white water rafting and sky diving (though I hate the sensation of falling lol). My dog knocks on the glass panel bordering our front door when he wants to be let in too ^_^.


  3. Mel good for you to have traveled and pushed your personal limits, most of us only dream of doing that and never get the chance to make those memories to enjoy later on in life!

    My tabby not only "knocks" on a door to be let in or out but she also rattles the knob, if only she were stronger she could open the door herself poor little thing.

    Always fun to learn more about those we share a love of reading with, especially those we will never "meet" in real life due to distance between us travel wise.

    Looking forward to your next "Personal Questions" post!

  4. Market researcher for a toycompany, I never even thought about that, and now I want to work as it lol

  5. We could totally watch tv together! Oh and a masters in physics? If I turn into a zombie I'm totally coming after your brain!

    I also wanted to be a vet at one time. It wasn't the blood, but the fact I would have to deal with peeps who hurt their animals that turned me off of doing it. I had a cousin who worked for a vet and her stories about bad peeps made me say... no.

  6. I used to love The Magic Faraway Tree. Blast from the past there Mel

    P.S. You seriously have done some amazing things so far.