Tuesday, 11 September 2012

You Asked Me...about Blogging!

To kick off my second year Blogoversary, I asked YOU to interview ME. And, boy, was I surprised at the number of questions I got, the variety and sheer inventiveness! So I’ve been able to split the questions into three sections – questions about Book & Authors, questions about Blogging and questions about Me/Random.  Last week I answered questions about books & Authors (If you missed it you can read it here..), this week I'm answering some blogging related questions... 

Questions about Blogging

Miki:     Would you like participating in the RAK hosted by Booksoulmates?   You know, it’s one of those blogging events I frequently think I should take part in. I love the idea of randomly purchasing books for blogging friends each month – but then I always forget to register! Maybe it’s something I should trial in the future...

TayteH:    Where do you see your blog in the next five years?   Still here I hope! I’ve been taking blogging one day at a time for the last two years and to be honest I hadn’t thought that I would still be here two years later, let alone in another five! Hopefully my reviews will have improved and I still have one or two followers.
Maybe in 5 years, I'll ba able to blog from the beach without having to work!

Kristia M:   I'm thinking starting my own blog. What advice would you give to someone who is starting now?   Enjoy it. Don’t feel pressured to conform to what other blogs are doing. While blogging is a lot of fun, it is a lot of work as well so make sure the fun element is always more than the work!

Christina K:  You love books - and it really shows on your blog:) But if you had to live in a book, and live in the story world and have those specific characters as friends, which book would you choose?   I would love to live in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series so I could be friends with Elena and Clay, Paige and Lucas, Hope and Karl. There’s a great mix of werewolves, witches, sorcerers and half demons to play with!

Sullivan McPig: If you had to give away one of your favourite books and couldn't buy a new one for yourself, which book would you part with?   Another evil question! Probably The Ancient Future by Traci Harding – because I have an audio-version I can listen to instead! J

Michelle@book briefs:  What is the hardest part of blogging for you?   Finding time to keep up with other peoples blogs – there are so many great blogs I follow but I’m not very good at commenting on other peoples regularly as most of my spare time at the computer is spent writing reviews or posts for the next week. It’s usually good if work isn’t very busy so I can squeeze some blog reading in at the office, but if I have work to do I don’t get much time to check out blogs.

Barbara E:  Is having a blog worth all the hard work?   Yes. For me it’s a great hobby and distraction from the real world!

Mary P:   How often do you re-vamp your blog?   I’m really bad as I haven’t revamped the blog in any serious way since December 2010. Part of it is that I’m not very good at html so I have no idea to make one of those beautiful templates that other people seem to have. Plus I kinds like the purple and stars theme!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages):   How did you get all those followers? I'm so slacking at something. lol.   I have no idea! When I first started out I made an effort to visit other blogs and comment, I took part in some memes like In My Mailbox and On My Wishlist but the biggest jump in followers is usually after I take part in a blog hop giveaway. I always find it surprising that my followers jump then cos I never make it a condition of entering those giveaway! Generally though th followers seem to come when I make an effort to get the blog name out there more often...

Carina O:   What do you like the most about your blog? :D   I love my little line at the end of reviews “Recommended for fans of...” I used to get most of my new books and authors from Amazons recommendations pre-book blogging discovery and I like to spread the recommendation. Plus I like to think of authors that are similar to the book I just read!

Diane:   It's so hard to review a book but is there a system you use for criteria?   Not really – I just go by my gut feeling. I admit that sometimes there are differences between books that have the same rating  - this is mostly because sometimes I rate on how fun/enjoyable a read is and sometimes it’s based on innovation or uniqueness. Usually reading the review will give you an indication of if it was a worthy book or just entertainment!

Nina @ Death Books and Tea:    What's your absolute favourite thing about blogging?   Reading comments – I get a little buzz every time I find someone has left a comment for me. I appreciate everyone! J

Carin W:   How fast did traffic pick up on your blog?   Not very. My first four months I think I averaged about 200 views a month, but it was a learning period for me as I figured out what worked and what I wanted the blog to be. My traffic started picking up in 2011 when I was more comfortable with the process and started reaching out into the blogging community more.

Sienny: Do you have an author that you want to interview, badly, but still haven't got the chance? who is he/she?   Yes – all of them! I’m not very good at asking authors for interviews mostly because I’m just not organised enough to to contact them and think up some interesting questions.

So it should be fairly obvious now that I’m just making this blogging business up as I go along! Next week I’ll be answering all the personal and random questions you lot asked...I’m already scared! J


  1. I think you rock the blog! I love the Q and A here! I have to say this... if you are blogging from the beach, you better have an open chair next to you. I may not be blogging in 5 years, but I still want to be on that beach! LOL

  2. Ohhhhh scary questions next week, i love it ;)

  3. Oh, sneaky person! Giving up a book that you have as audio book as well! ;-)

  4. I loved reading all your answers Mel. I know you said you're not organised enough to plan author interviews and think up questions but I've picked up a few books after reading either your reviews or interviews, your interview with Suzanne Johnson after Royal Street's release springs to mind and I ended up adoring it!

  5. Awesome answers. :) And hope to see you here longer than another 5 years dear. Oh, maybe we can be sitting on that beach together blogging, not having to worry about work. ;) Thank you!