Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Same Book/Different Cover - Uglies

This is an occasional feature where I compare different covers of the same book...while usually I compare foreign edition, this particular book has be re-published so many times if I included all the copies we could be here all night! So what's the book this month?

It's actually a book I haven't read yet but has been sitting on my TBR pile for a few months - Uglies by Scott Westerfield. I've heard plenty of positive reviews and the range of different covers available are intriguing...I've only picked six or so of the covers that are available - it seems that since first published Uglies has had a lot of reprints in different covers!

UK 2005 Cover
US 2005 Cover

UK Cover 2006
US Cover 2011

UK Cover 2012
Bulgarian Cover 

UK 2005 Cover: I actually find this one a little creepy - the different doll parts in the surgery tray...very scary!
US 2005 Cover: The girl in close up, partly hidden by the grass...hmmm....a little boring for me, but it does have a slight hint of raptor in Jurassic Park - not sure if that was the intent though!
UK 2006 Cover: This is brash and bold - with the red background and different scenes in the silhouette it looks like an action film poster - almost James Bond-esque!
US 2011 Cover: A white sheet over the girls face so she doesn't look real and those blue finger-nails...this is another creepy one!
UK 2012 Cover: This is very subtle with the eye in the letters and the scalpel cutting the 'E', but to be honest I think it is a little dull. Plus the obligatory Hunger Games references doesn't do much for me!
Bulgarian Cover: I had to include this one as it's so different from the other covers - it looks very Sci-Fi - almost War of the World-like with the girl running and the airships/flying saucers searching. Makes me wonder even more what the story is like... 

My Verdict: I actually like a lot of these covers but I am most drawn to the UK 2006 Cover - what can I say? I like action movies! :-)

What was your favourite?


  1. I like the first one ( UK 2005 ) best and also the german one --> http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41vdrlRE70L._SL500_AA300_.jpg

  2. I must say that Uglies have a lot of Ugly covers

  3. I think the UK 2005 cover for me. It makes the most sense for the book. :)

  4. I had thought there were two covers for US at least. Wow. Lots for this one. :D Thanks!

  5. I read this book with the first cover, and that's the one I always associate with this book in my mind. It is a little bit creepy, but it suits the book so well.

  6. I think my fav is the US Cover 2011, but I haven't read the book so I can't really say about the story if it"s related.