Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Book Haul / Showcase Sunday

This is Books, Biscuits and Tea's Showcase Sunday where I share my lovely book hauls each week. Have a look back at Vicki's link up to see what everyone is up too!

It was a very good week for reading! I loved catching up with Shia in Forsaken By The Others by Jess Haines, got caugfht up in ancient family history with The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd-Jones , wanted to escape with the locked teens in Nowhere by Jon Robinson and finally I took a little detour with Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz.

This week a couple of pre-orders I had forgotten about turned up so I was very happy! Especially as for the first time in weeks I read more books than I bought! 


White Trash Zombie Apocalypse - Diana Rowland
Publisher: DAW
When a zombie movie starts filming in town, things get crazy, and white trash zombie Angel Crawford suspects it’s not just the plot of the movie that’s rotten. With zombies both real and fake roaming the streets, it’s up to Angel to fit all the pieces — and body parts — together to save herself, her town, and quite possibly the human race.

This is a series I haven't started but I love Diana's Demon series!

Thirteen (Otherworld #13) - Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Orbit
War is coming to the Otherworld. A sinister cult known as The Supernatural Liberation Movement is hell-bent on exposing the truth about supernaturals to the rest of the world. Their violent, ruthless plan has put everyone at risk: from werewolves to vampires, from witches to half-demons. Savannah Levine - fiery and unpredictable - stands at the heart of the maelstrom. There is a new, dark magic inside her, granting her the power to summon spells of terrifying strength. But whether this magic is a gift or a curse, no one knows.On the eve of battle, all the major players must come together in a last, desperate fight for survival - Elena and Clay; Adam and Savannah; Paige and Lucas; Jeremy and Jaime; Hope, Eve and more...They are fighting for lives. 
They are fighting for their loved ones.
They are fighting for the Otherworld.

I love Kelley's Otherworld series - it was my first UF series, but knowing it was coming to an end I've been very patient and haven't read any of the final 3 books with Savannah as narrator so I wouldn't have to wait in agony for ages. Now I can read them all....but I still don't want the series to end!

What Have you picked up this week...?


  1. I really enjoyed 13, like you I did not want the series to end but what a great book to end the series with.

    Check out my haul

  2. Ohh Rowland!!! I wanna read it

  3. I've totally missed out on this series by Diana Rowland, Mel. I hope to rectify it soon :) Very eclectic reading this week, and cool book haul. Enjoy all! *wink*

  4. oh it's great! I hope you'll like everything. Happy reading!

  5. You definitely had a good reading week Mel 4 books! I'm so impressed. Enjoy your forgotten pre-orders too!