Monday, 1 July 2013

Stalking The Others (H&W Invtesigations #4) Review

Stalking The Others (H&W Investigations #4)
Jess Haines
Publisher: Kensignton
Vampires, werewolves, mages–the Others are very real, and wreaking havoc in Shiarra Waynest’s life. But now, she’s returning the favor…
Once, she was one of the good guys–or as close as a New York P.I. can get. Then Shiarra Waynest was drawn into the world of the Others. Every faction has its own loyalties and agenda. And Shia’s recent betrayal by her ex-boyfriend means that she may be on the verge of becoming a rogue werewolf at the next full moon. Of course, with all the threats against her, Shia’s not sure she’ll live long enough to find out. The enigmatic vampire Royce wants her back in his clutches, as do two powerful werewolf packs, along with the police. Instead of going into hiding, Shia is enlisting the aid of her enchanted hunter’s belt and every dirty P.I. trick she knows. If she’s going down, she’ll take out as many of her enemies as she can–and hope that in the process, she keeps whatever humanity she has left...
After the shocking end of Deceived By The Others, Stalking picks up pretty much straight away with Shiarra cutting herself off from her friends and allies in order to protect them. She finds herself keeping company with the white-hat vigilantes who hate all Others and working with them to track down her ex-Chaz and his pack. One thing you can’t say about this book is that it’s slow moving! I basically took a deep breathe at the beginning and that carried me through the whole book! 
I loved getting to know more about Shiarra’s belt and it’s history as well as the effects it has on her as she continues to use it. Shiarra get very pro-active for the first time in hunting those that wronged her. She is fuelled by revenge and with a ticking clock, the pace is very fast and just sweeps you up. This is a different side to Shiarra than we’ve seen before as she rejects anything resembling a normal life and is separated from friends and families, having to rely on herself much more. I liked that growth in the character as her continued exposure to Others should have helped her deal with her fear more. She stops thinking about the future so much.  
I did miss some of the lighter elements of the previous books a both Sara and Arnold are MIA, but it was good to see Shiarra on her own, making mistakes. I loved getting to know the White-hats better. There are plenty of action scenes for those who love fights while Shiarra’s relationships with Chaz and Royce both change for good. This was a very exciting read and I managed to finish it very quickly – and has made me anxious for Forsaken By The Others which has just been released! Fast, action-packed and a developing character – this is Urban fantasy that I can heartily recommend. 
Recommended for fans of Chloe Neill and Nancy Holzner. 8 out of 10


  1. Fab review, Mel! I loved the lighter books in the beginning, but this one was excellent as well Maybe because there was much more at stake this time and because Shiarra was under the influence of the belt it had to be different?

  2. yay I really liked this one and you'll see the next book is really good as well!

  3. This is where I lament that I haven't read this series. Am I the only one? I swear you have me knowing that I'm missing out on something so good. Although I don't like to feel anxious, for some reason when it is at the ending of a book when you can get the next, I don't mind. LOL

  4. Ohhhh when you read Forsaken...hihi, you will see