Monday, 12 September 2011

Nothing But Trouble Review

Nothing But Trouble
-       Rachel Gibson
Publisher: UK – Corgi
Chelsea Ross knows she's a great actress. Which is lucky, as she's just got the toughest role of her life! Washed up from Hollywood and in serious need of some cash, Chelsea jumps at the $10,000 opportunity to act as 'carer' to famous hockey player Mark Bressler, currently injured after a car crash. After all, how hard can it be to play nice and pick up after an incredibly hot invalid in need of her tender loving care? Just three months of playing nurse and the cash is hers. But Mark Bressler doesn't need help. The moody hockey player's glory days may be over, but he has no intention of letting anyone aid his recovery, least of all the maddeningly cheerful Chelsea. He's determined to get her to quit – and Mark isn't the type to give in. But then again, neither is Chelsea...

I don’t read many contemporary romances. I like a little paranormal usually with my romance, or else I read chick-lit which has the focus on the funny side and the romance a little more PG. So I was very surprised when this turned out to be the fifth book in a romance series based on the Chinooks Hockey team. (I think the cover fooled me into thinking it was chick-lit!). Plus I’m British – I have no idea about hockey!! Luckily, the male lead here is actually a former hockey player who survived a serious car crash so the hockey side was minimal.
The writing was easy to get into, but I’m afraid I struggled to connect to either of the characters. Chelsea was independent and her personality shone through, but I never understood her need to be an actress... it never struck me why she wanted it so badly. Mark was a miserable, grumpy guy – understandably after what he’s been through. But his sudden switch to nice guy didn’t seem to be driven by anything more than lust. In fact, I could see the lust between Chelsea and Mark, but for me it never developed into a love I could believe in.
There are some sex scenes that are a little raunchy and I have to admit I did enjoy some of the early banter between Mark and Chelsea – the rapid squirrel had me chuckling out loud and his comments about her driving her very amusing. I guess it was when the characters got together that I lost interest in the story. There wasn’t anything that drove the story at that point. If you want a quick, smexy read though, then this is for you!
Recommended for fans of Jilly Cooper and Susan Donovan. 5 out of 10
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  1. I love reading chick lit!

    Great write-up even if it didn't turn out to be the best book.

  2. For fans of Jilly Cooper harsh.... I agree with you... Sex scenes in books tend to ruin things.

    As Douglas Adams wrote "Arthur had sex, but noone really needed to know".

  3. I like Jilly Cooper ;)
    Too bad it was not to your liking. I did read a book by her and it was ok, but I never really fell for the guy

  4. Sounds like a fun little romance. Have to LOVE that this is the 5th book you started with! *cough* ;)

    Congraties on being a Book Group Member!

  5. Oh how disappointing. Thanks for the honest review though.