Thursday, 29 September 2011

Rachel Aaron - 60 Second Quiz

Today is the last day of my Eli Monpress week! Boo! I've had a great time and to finish on a high, this afternoon I have my review of the final book released so far, The Spirit Eater, but this morning I have a 60 second, quick question quiz with Rachel Aaron. So without much ado...
- Favourite Book you’ve read?
All time? The Last Unicorn. Recently? Probably the Vampire Academy series or Hunger Games (there's so much good YA fiction right now!), though I have to give a huge shout out to Jacqueline Carey's The Sundering duology. Best epic fantasy I've read as an adult.

- Favourite Book you’ve written? <Cruel question I know!>
Probably Spirit's End, the fifth and final Eli novel. I got to do so many huge scenes I'd been waiting the whole series to roll out, and the ending was so, so satisfying. Seriously, ya'll are going to love that book.

- Favourite food?
Anything involving potatoes, though it should be noted that I am a Diet Coke fueled robot.

- Favourite film?
V for Vendetta (if I'm feeling Epic), The Sting (every other time. Best con movie ever made.)

- Favourite music?
I let Pandora decide what I listen to! (Actually, I really suck at music. I can never remember band names and I have the musical taste of a 14 year old girl. So, since I want my fans to still like me when this is through, I'm just going to leave it at that.)

- Favourite authors?
China Mieville is probably the author I take the greatest pleasure in reading on a page by page basis, but I can never get into his plots. I've loved nearly everything I've read by Sarah Monette, though. I tend to like series rather than authors. For example, I ate up Vampire Academy with a spoon, but haven't been able to get into Richelle Mead's other works. Same with Patricia Briggs - LOVED the Mercy Thompson books, was only meh on everything else. I am a very cruel and picky reader.

- Any pets?
I have a lovely, fat, brown mutt of a low rider sausage dog named Lettie. She is dumb as a brick and very cuddly. I love her to pieces. (There's actually an entire interview about Lettie here in case you're really bored and/or like fat dogs)

- Favourite saying/quote?
"What do we own but our ambitions?" Which is actually a misquote of "What does a poor soldier own but his ambitions" from the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind manga by Hayao Miyazaki. (Fantastic manga, if you've never read it.)

Our ambitions are the only things that are truly our own. Everything else, even our lives, was given to us. But my ambitions belong only to me, and I take them very seriously. For the longest time, the whole of my ambition was to be published. After I got my book deal, I actually floundered for several months before I found a new ambition - make the NYT. Sure it's a huge, nearly impossible goal, but so was getting published in the first place, and I did that. All I can do is hold my ambition close and write the best books I can, and that's exactly what I mean to do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!
Thank you so much for having me! It was really fun.

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  1. I still have not watched Vendetta! Bad me
    *makes note to watch it*

  2. Yep, yep, yep. :) I have to agree with all her answers. Except on her favorite book she wrote, I don't know as I haven't read them yet. But Love Pandera. Great interview! :) Thank you!