Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Same Book/Different Cover: The Devil You Know

This is an occasional feature where I compare different covers of the same book...what I'm particularly interested in are re-issued covers for the same book.

This week I'm looking at The Devil You Know by Mike Carey. It's the first in a fantastically gritty Urban Fantasy set in London following the adventures of an exorcist who's best friend is possessed by a demon. It's a brilliant exploration of my home town and one of the best UF series I've ever read...if you haven't read it yet - you need to! Alright enough pimping one of my favourites - now to the business of covers.
UK Cover 2

UK Cover 1

Polish Cover

Spanish Cover

US Cover

UK Cover 1: I didn't pick up this book for ages because I didn't like this cover - it was too sketchy and didn't tell me enough about what the book was like.
UK Cover 2: This is the cover I own - it's very much a traditional UF cover - dark alley, shadowy figure, cityscape in the background. I like the bold colours and this definitely suits the tone of the book
US Cover: This reminds me of some thrillers covers I've seen where the story is based on the Knight Templars or some other religious theme. It's not bad but it's not really outstanding.

Polish Cover: I don't usually look at non-English covers but I think I will have too as these are pretty! I like the whiteness of this cover - completely different to most UF covers - the 'ghostly' figures are intriguing.
Spanish Cover: I love the mix of Tower Bridge with the graveyard and the figure walking through it - I would love to have a copy of this picture in my flat! The only thing I'm not so keen is the ghostly woman at the top, but my eyes keep being drawn back to the bridge so I don't mind so much!

My favourite? The Spanish one easily wins for me - I just love it!

What's your favourite? :)


  1. Spanish cover wind hands down but the Polish one has its merits as well! A great feature, Mel!

  2. I have UK cover 2, and I really like it - it really fits the book for me, and it's got a lot going on there :)
    I've only read this first book, but I do want to read the others sometime.


  3. Wow! All of those are really creepy!

  4. I like the Spanish one, but I agree with your assessment. Still, my fave. :)

  5. Honetly they all kind of suck, so i will stick with that