Friday, 11 November 2011

Open Minds Blog Tour: Author Interview + GIVEAWAY!

So this morning I raved about Open Minds, the first book in the Mindjack Trilogy and this afternoon as part of her Blog Tour I managed to corner the writer behind the book and interregrated her. She gave up all the details and has even generously offered an e-copy of Mind Games to one lucky reader!

So without further ado a big hello to Susan Kaye Quinn!

First thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!
Thanks for having me on your blog!

First tell us a little about yourself...
My business card says “Author and Rocket Scientist.” This usually gets a laugh, but I really do have a Ph.D. in engineering and have done everything from work for NASA to study global warming (and yes, design rockets - I like stuff that goes boom). Now that I write novels, I use all that engineering to dream up slightly plausible inventions for my middle grade stories and alternate future-worlds for my young adult novels. I have three boys (ages 8, 10, and 13) who wish I would write more of those middle grade stories and less YA novels with kissing. But I like the kissing parts too. J
The first of a new series, Open Minds has just been released - how would you describe it to potential readers?
Open Minds is all about secrets and intolerance, and it’s a bit of a play on words—in the future world of the story, everyone reads minds, but their “open” minds are really very intolerant of anyone who is different in their world. Kira is different, she can’t read minds, which makes her an outcast. Eventually, she finds out that she’s a mindjacker, someone who controls the thoughts of others, which gives her the chance to finally fit in, but at the cost of lying to (and controlling) everyone she loves. The tag line—When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep—gives you an idea that it gets worse from there.
Regular people or Readers broadcast their thoughts in Open Minds: What secret would you most like to hide from everyone else? J
Great question! Now I’ll just mindjack you into forgetting that you asked. Oh wait, this is online. Drat. Um, what was the question? Right. What secret would I most like to hide from everyone else? If I was a reader, I would think it would be painfully embarrassing to have the little thoughts escaping all the time. The nasty things you think, but would never say. The unkind thoughts or words that polite society has trained you to never let loose through your lips—and that you probably don’t really mean, if you thought for two seconds about it. But in a world where everyone reads minds, those things are broadcast for everyone to hear, all the time. I think it would be more comfortable to walk around in your underwear.
Have you ever had a telepathic experience?
No, but I’d really like to. And Morgan Freeman has just about convinced me that it’s possible. I’ll just keep practicing with my Jedi Force Trainer.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Definitely the power to heal. Or, if it was really a SUPER power, to bring people back from the dead. But only if they don’t look like zombies when they come back.
What have you got coming up next?
I’m busy working on Closed Hearts, the sequel to Open Minds. And I have a couple middle grade projects in the works, including a fantasy called The Faery Swap. But mostly, I’m intent on getting the Mindjack Trilogy written and released as soon as possible.

Finally a 60 second, quick question quiz
- Favourite Book you’ve read?
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

- Favourite Book you’ve written? <Cruel question I know!>
Yikes! Like picking between my children! I’m going to have to say Open Minds, although Closed Hearts is looking like a close second.

- Favourite food?
Anything with cheese.

- Favourite film?
Star Trek, the Reboot. Genius! Really couldn’t love that movie anymore than I do. (I love that film too!)

- Favourite music?
Green Day and Plain White T’s fight it out on my iPod for top billing on the “Most Played” playlist.

- Favourite authors?
Scott Westerfeld, Holly Black, Suzanne Collins

- Any pets?
Two cats, one of which has excessive toes, just like Hemingway’s cats. She’s very dexterous.

- Favourite saying/quote?
“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” Robert Frost I believe writers have to put their whole emotional selves into a story to bring it to life.
Thanks so much for having me on your blog! 

Susan, thank you so much - I love your answers!

And thaks to Susan's generosity, one lucky person will get an e-copy of Open Minds, just fill in the form below:

Rules: (without which there will be chaos!)
- Open Internationally
- Closes at Midnight 18th November 2011
- Fill in the form below
- You don't have to be a follower, but I won't object if you are! :)


  1. Woo-hoo, thanks for a giveaway and great interview Susan and Mel! I'm definitely reading this book no matter what :)

  2. @Kara-karina Thanks! I hope you enjoy the book!

    And thank you to Mel for the lovely review and the chance to visit her blog! :)

  3. Super awesome interview. I didn't know about this book before, but now I really want it! How crazy would that world be, in which everyone could read your mind. I'd be most embarrassed of my little, snippy thoughts too, especially the ones towards my family. LOL

  4. Kitty! Love those extra toes. Also seems to give them extra personality!

    Love the Morgan Freeman answer. But you know he was also God! LOL

  5. @Missie Thanks! I hope you enjoy the book! :)

    @Melissa LOL! Yes, I believe just about anything Morgan Freeman says ... that voice!

  6. Very beautiful interveiew! I love anything with cheese too.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Wow, the book sounds really awesome.
    It would be kinda difficult to live in a world where all of your thoughts are accessible.
    Star Trek is awesome. Zachary Quinto is a hot Spock although Nimroy will always be the best lol.

  8. Yay!! What a great looking book! Thx for the Giveaway!!

  9. Gotta love being able to call yourself an Author and Rocket Scientist. That's truly awesome!!