Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What Shall I Read This June?

So this month I asked what I should be reading and you lot shouted over-whelmingly for one book and on book only - Divergent!

The full results were as follows

Divergent - Veronica Roth: 51%
Grimspace - Ann Aguirre: 23%
The Better Part of Darkness - Kelley Gay: 17%
The Desert Spear - Peter V Brett: 9%

I will try to fit Divergent into my reading schedule in the next two weeks - even though I am desperate to go straight from Bloodlines to The Golden Lily!

And who won their choice of book from my TBR pile? The winner is Mellianie! Congratulations! I have sent an email asking for your book choice.

So look out for reviews of both books in the next month and check back on the first Thursday of July when I will offering another follower a book in exchange for helping me choose a book to read!


  1. Congratulations Mellianie!

    I have yet to read Divergent, but I hope to make time for it someday. I hope you enjoy. Four is supposed to be the bees knees!

  2. Congrats Mellianie!

    YOU NEED TO READ KELLEY GAY! I don't care what the polls say. Well, unless you try to take Hank from me... ;)

    I also need to read Divergent. It's on my tbr pile!

  3. Yeah! Congrats Mellianie! And I do hope you enjoy this one as much as everyone else Melissa!

  4. Congrats Mellianie! I really need to read Divergent as well. Bit behind on some of these big series coming out...and series in general, to be honest.


  5. I really need to read divergent as well, lol maybe one day. I'll surely succeed! thank you. I agree with Melissa you really need to read the Kelly Gay book, it's just awesome!