Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Book Confessions: #2 - Book Shelves

Like most book bloggers, I read a lot (kind of a prerequisite!). But there are some things related to reading that I’ve kept secret – until now. This feature is my chance to confess what I’ve done or what I’ve not done related to reading. Sometimes it will be a book I’ve never read or a genre I avoid. Other times it may be something else like today’s confession.
Besides books, what else do my shelves hold?
Like most book bloggers I have most of my books on my book shelves – some doubled stacked, but still with some room to add more. But, my confession is that I use my bookcases for more than just books. Yes, my books share their space not just with some CDs and DVDs (which I think is fine), and general souvenirs and decorations but also with whatever I can’t find a space for elsewhere. This means my camera, bracelets I’ve taken off and left there, a spare laptop charger, notebook, glasses, hair brush and other life debris. I have four bookcases in my living room (Two tall ones, one regular and a small billy bookcase from Ikea!), but the bookcase that suffers the most is the tall one close to the sofa – I can reach it from my usual place and therein lies the problem. Whatever I don’t need at the moment tends to migrate to the shelf...as you can see from these pictures. It can even include a box of chocolate fingers!
So what do you keep on your bookshelves apart from books? Or do you keep them pristine? Do you have anything to confess? J

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