Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rogue Oracle Review

Rogue Oracle
-          Alayna Williams
Publisher: Pocket Books
I recieved a copy from the author.
Tara Sheridan is the best criminal profiler around—and the most unconventional. Trained as a forensic psychologist, Tara also specializes in Tarot card reading. But she doesn’t need her divination skills to realize that the new assignment from her friend and sometime lover, Agent Harry Li, is a dangerous proposition in every way.
Former Cold War operatives, all linked to a top-secret operation tracking the disposal of nuclear weapons in Russia, are disappearing. There are no bodies, and no clues to their whereabouts. Harry suspects a conspiracy to sell arms to the highest bidder. The cards—and Tara’s increasingly ominous dreams—suggest something darker. Even as Tara sorts through her feelings for Harry and her fractured relationship with the mysterious order known as Delphi’s Daughters, a killer is growing more ruthless by the day. And a nightmare that began decades ago in Chernobyl will reach a terrifying endgame that not even Tara could have foreseen . . .
Tara and Harry are reunited a few months after the end of Dark Oracle in order to search for missing intelligent operatives. The book opens with an extremely creepy scene involving the disappearance of one of these operatives – it had me checking the back of my wardrobes before I went to bed! – and the action doesn’t stop. There is more emotion than in Dark Oracle with the relationship between Harry and Tara deepening. I really love the way Harry and Tara are equals throughout and complement each other despite having different world views. I think the relationship between them is one of my favourites in Urban Fantasy as it feels real, complete with banter, attraction but also nervousness and learning about each other. Yet, the relationship takes a backseat with the focus always on the investigation with some great action and the stakes continually being raised.
Once again there is a combination of science and mystical with Tara’s tarot cards vital to the investigation – even as the power itself mutates. There is more mysticism this time round with Cassie exploring her oracle powers as well. One of my favourite creations though is Galen – a troubled man who has some extraordinary abilities – which are fascinating and repulsive at the same time. Certainly a character that stays with you after you close the book! I enjoyed this more than Dark Oracle and I enjoyed Dark Oracle a lot! J
Recommended for fans of Ann Aguirre and Kelley Armstrong. 9 out of 10.


  1. I agree... this one was very dark! I really enjoyed it and Galen was so gruesomely perfect as a villan. Great review. I'm with you so much on this one!

  2. This looks really good! I hadn't heard of it before, but it looks like really enjoyed it.
    Brilliant review!

  3. Thanks so much, Mel, for taking the time to read and review ROGUE ORACLE! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. :-)

  4. I didn't read Dark Oracle first but after reading this one, I am really looking forward to it. Great review!