Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Outside In Early Review

Outside In
-  Maria V Snyder
Kindle book
This was an e-Arc received from netgalley and Harlequin
(I've purposely not used the backcover summary as it have spoilers for Inside Out)
Outside In kicks off 12 weeks after the end of Inside Out with the whole of the Inside struggling to come terms with the changes Trella and her friends have made to their world. Trella, herself, has retreated slightly from other people again and would like to be left alone while exploring Inside. But, it looks like not everyone is happy with Trella’s revolution and some would rather return to the old status quo...
In the first book Trella reacted to events and people. This time round she is more pro-active, albeit rather reluctantly. She also learns to accept responsibility for her actions rather than hiding from them and even learns that everyone makes mistakes – even her. I liked these changes and developments and it feels to me that Trella has come a long way from the prickly loner scrub we first met. She really has grown up. In addition the other characters have changed as well – I loved the development of Dr Lamont and the introduction of Bubba Boom added some sparkle to the existing relationships. There is just as much action as before but with the added confusion of who to trust which made the twists and turns more personal – as like Trella I was never sure who was telling the truth and who was lying. Even Riley is not beyond suspicion...Once again Maria V Snyder reminds us of what is at stake with no character guaranteed to survive.
In the end I loved the ride and was willing Trella to succeed throughout. The story just wrapped itself around me and I didn’t to escape. For me this was the perfect place to finish Trella’s story. She has changed so much and explored so much of Inside’s history and background. I don’t know if Maria V Snyder is planning any more books in this world but to me the story finishes with hope and pretty close to perfection. Another great story, well told and a lot of fun to read.
Recommended for fans of Richelle Mead and PC Cast. 9 out of 10.

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  1. I swear if I don't read a book by her by the end of this year, I may give you permission to smack me with a book! :) This really does sound good and I need to get going on one of her books. *sigh*