Friday, 18 March 2011

The Last Vampire: Black Blood

The Last Vampire: Black Blood

-          Christopher Pike
Publisher: Hodders Children’s Books
First Published in UK in 1995.
Alisa and Ray are the last vampires. Or so they think. But now the evil plague is spreading. A brutal murderer is terrorising Los Angeles. Has Alisa the power to stop him? Or will he destroy her first?
Black Blood picks up six weeks after the end The Last Vampire with Alisa hunting down a serial killer in LA who has all the characteristics of a vampire – but she and Ray are the only ones left...or are they? Whereas the first book had a haunting quality to it with the past very much influencing her actions, this sequel is firmly placed in the here and now. If the first book was like honey, this is a clementine – still sweet but refreshing and as delightful to read.
There is more action than before with a fantastic battle in the opening chapter that sets your heart racing. One element that I love about Alisa is that being five thousand years old, she has absolutely confidence in herself and her abilities – and as a result frequently under-estimates her enemies and that leads to mistakes that costs her. Alisa seems more human this time around, helped by her on-going relationship with Ray, but she still kills and keeps herself removed. I really liked her investigation with Joel, the FBI agent also looking into the killing – it made her feel more real.
Once again the story hangs on a cliff hanger which does mean I will be picking up the third book, Red Dice soon!
Recommended for fans of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries. 8 out of 10.

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  1. LOL I love these covers! This actually sounds interesting. I like a book with a lot of action. I wouldn't have thought it was YA with that cover. Great review.