Monday, 9 April 2012

Guest Review: Demon Trappers: Forgiven Review

My guest reviewer is back in action this month, so Sarah has the third in the Demon Trapper Series to review...
Forgiven (Demon Trappers 3)
- Jana Oliver

Publisher: Macmillian Children's Books

Riley has made a bargain with Heaven, and now they've come to collect.
Lucifer's finest are ruling the streets and it seems that Armageddon might be even closer than Riley imagined. But with her soul and her heart in play it's all she can do to keep herself alive, let alone save the world. Riley's not afraid of kicking some major demon butt, but when it comes to a battle between Heaven and Hell, she might need a little help...

Hello fellow Mel followers, sorry I’ve been absent, but for some reason I kept reading books that Mel had already reviewed for you! They have included some corkers though, especially the Hunger Games trilogy, and I also really enjoyed this latest installment in Jana Oliver’s Demon Trappers series, Forgiven.

This is the third in a series of four books starring Riley, a spunky but damaged 17 year old orphaned demon trapper. Riley lives in a cash-strapped world not too far into our future, where the denizens of hell inhabit our lands, and all walks of magical human exist in plain sight. The demon trappers earn their living, as their name suggests, by capturing demons for disposal by the church.

The previous two Demon Trappers installments have been action-filled novels, allowing us to learn the way of Riley’s world, and fall in love with the people around her, whilst keeping you gripped from page to page by the problems caused by the scourge of the underworld. This book, however, takes a more slow-burning approach, fleshing out the other characters, and the world at large. If you had not read the previous books you would almost be forgiven for finding the first three-quarters of Forgiven to be boring, but for those who have developed a vested interest in the characters it is utterly gripping.

The final quarter of the book, however, allows Jana Oliver’s talents as an action writer to really come to the fore, and when Riley finds herself literally in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell I defy you to be able to put the book down. There is also a very slow-burning romantic streak to this series that manages to reach both a most swoonsome peak, and emotion-filled nadir in the space of perhaps 50 pages.

I cannot wait for the final installment in this series (out August, how will I wait????). One for fans of Lili St Crow and Richelle Mead, 8 out of 10


  1. Hi Sarah :)
    For fans of St Crow, I always did want to try her books, or maybe I should just try this series instead

  2. I have the first book and have yet to read it. I'm so glad that this one is good. I love action, but sometimes I do love that slow burn approach! Yep, I need the whole series.

  3. Oh I got the first Demon Trapper book and the short story on my Nook. I need to get going on this series. I love the sounds of it, from what you are saying. :D Thank you!