Monday, 30 April 2012

Mel's Random April

April is over - and in the UK at least the old idea of April showers has been proved that it's based on fact! Loads of rain showers and the old thunder storm...however, despite the weather I've had a pretty good month. A couple of my old uni friends got married and that meant I had a lovely weekend in Shropshire celebrating! The venue was beautiful and luckily the rain held off on the day (even if it was a little cold!). However, I was a little creeped out by the monkeys in Georgian clothes painted around the place...
Monkey lady...what do you think?
So how did this impact the reading situation?

Royal Streets (Sentintels of New Orleans 1) - Suzanne Johnson
The Intern - Dillion Khan (British Book Challenge)
The Iron Duke (Iron Seas 1) - Meljean Brook
The Betrayal (House of the Magician 3) - Mary Hooper (British Book Challenge & TBR Reading Pile Challenge)
Hellforged (Deadtown 2) - Nancy Holzner (TBR Reading Pile Challenge)
War Horse - Michael Morpurgo (Bristish Book Challenge)
Fair Game (Alpha & Omega 3) - Patricia Briggs
Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy 2) - Jennifer Estep

Ripper - Amy Carol Reeves
The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden) - Julie Kagawa
The Prophet (Graveyard Queen 3) - Amanda Stevens

Sarah's Reviews
Forgiven (Demon Trappers 3) - Jana Oliver
Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy 1) - Jennifer Estep

Author Interview
Suzanne Johnson stopped by to discuss her debut novel - Royal Street

Regular Posts
Same Book/Different Cover looked at Unclean Spirits by MLN Hanover

In Book Confessions I discussed the ordering of books on my shelves and how I organise them...
In addition there were the usual wishlist posts, in my mailbox and Throwback Thursdays.

So updating the challenges -

British Books Challenge - 12 Read
2012 TBR Reading Pile Challenge - 17 Read, 13 Books to go

Best of the Bunch: It's been a really good month for reading but I think The Iron Duke was my favourite as it was an exciting read that has pretty much anything you want in!

Honorable Mentions: Royal Street, The Immortal Rules, Hellforged and Fair Game are well worth a read as well!


  1. I still need to read the Iron Duke! I am glad you had fun. I think the monkey ladies would creep me out as well as fascinate me. :)

  2. The Iron Duke rocked!!!!!

    And I can't believe April is almost over!

  3. Yay for The Iron Duke!!! That monkey picture seriously freaks me out...

  4. I really want to read the Iron Duke. I'm waiting to see if my library will get it in.
    You've had a great month!

  5. I love The Iron Duke, and that cover is the best I've seen for the book.

    Congrats to your successful month, Mel! Glad you also got to enjoy some celebrations.