Thursday, 5 April 2012

Throwback Thursday/What Shall I Read This Month? + GIVEAWAY

I realised the other day that I've been doing these Throwback Thursday posts inspired by Melissa at My words and pictures  for nearly year now - I have posted about 46 books I own but haven't read yet - and how many of these books have picked up since posting about them? 3 Books. Out of 46. That is completely rubbish! So I'm doing a slight revamp of this to make it more interesting for me - and for you...

On the first Thursday of each month I will post a poll highlighting all the Throwback Thursday books I've highlighted in the last month plus one of the older Throwbacks and ask you to pick which book I should read. The most popular book after 5 days or so, will be picked up by me and actually read and  (hopefully!) reviewed by the end of the month. However, in thanks I will also offer a copy of the winning book to someone who voted - even if they didn't pick the winning book. This way older books get a lot of love from both of us!

So to summarise -
- Pick a book you want me to read from my Throwback Thursday's posts and be in with a chance to win the book for yourself (or if you've already read it, you can choose any book from my TBR pile for your own - check my TBR Shelf at the top for some other books that I need to get round to reading!)
- I'll ship it out to from the Book Depository so it will be open internationally.
- Leave a comment for an extra entry telling my why I should read your choice!
- Open to followers only (Sorry, but I want to reward those who stop by regularly!)
- Poll closes midnight on Tuesday 10th April - I will try to announce the winning book and lucky follower, by next Thursday.

So this month the books I need to give some serious love to are:

The Season of Passage - Christopher Pike

Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill

Blood Rights - Kristin Painter

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Suzanne Clarke

Which book should I read this month? Fill in the form below!
<<Poll Closed for April>>


  1. Christopher Pike? As in Star Trek's Captain Christopher Pike? ;-) This might not be the most sensible reason to pick this particular book, BUT then again ...

  2. I've had Blood Rights sitting on my shelf for a while, I need you to review and convince me I need to read and review it. I'm lazy that way!

  3. Oh it's an interesting giveaway! I think I would choose Hard bitten, It's the only one in the series I haven't and I keep hearing amazing things about it. So I'm quite curious, it would be nice to have your opinion.

  4. I voted for Blood Rights - Kristin Painter. I just love that cover so much :)
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  5. I love Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - one of my favorite books. It's long, but you should definitely give it a shot. It's worth it!

  6. I am going for Blood Rights cos I am personally so curious about that one :D So that one has my vote. Oh and the cover is awesome

  7. +JMJ+

    Hi, Mel! I'm a new follower. =)

    My vote goes to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell because it's on my To Be Read list as well, and if you pick it up this month, perhaps I will, too! =P (But seriously, the friend who recommended it to me gave it as an answer when I asked her for "3 Books You're Grateful You've Read, Even If You Never Get to Read Them Again". And given the other books on the list, the inclusion of this novel was impressive!)

  8. Blood Rights - 'a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility'? - I'm in! Although I have to say it was the cover that got my interested first. So pretty! Would love to read this one!

  9. My vote goes to Blood Rights. I've heard a lot about it and in the story is a special race of humans that I want to see what they're like.

  10. I wanna know what you think about Blood Rights!! READ EET! I enjoyed it and I wanna know your opinion.

    READ EET! ;)

  11. I think you should read The Season of Passage, because it sounds like a fantastic book.

  12. "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" by Suzanna Clarke intrigues me. I mean what a title to begin with.

  13. I'm going with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanne Clarke, because of the intriguing title, and because I like stories about warring magicians.