Friday, 2 August 2013

Love In Revolution Review

Love In Revolution
B.R. Collins

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Esteya is fifteen. As war rumbles closer, Esteya's brother - an important figure in the Revolutionary Communist Party - is able to protect their family from the worst of the privations of war. Then Esteya meets an extraordinary girl, Skizi, an outcast, shunned by all. But Esteya and Skizi are drawn to each other. Slowly and wonderfully love blossoms ... And then Esteya's family are betrayed and forcibly taken away. Skizi disappears. Esteya is left deserted, heartbroken and in terrible danger. But she must find a way to escape - and to find Skizi

Many YA books concentrate on first love by our leading lady – usually with a few obstacles thrown in such as the guy of their choice is a ‘bad boy’ from the wrong side of tracks (or occasionally a vampire or werewolf). Love In Revolution follows the same type of route only Esteya, our heroine falls for Skizi, a gypsy girl. What I loved most about this story is that while Esteya has fallen for a girl, the issue dividing them is mostly the class difference between them rather than any gender issues. Set against a background of the Russian Revolution class is an extraordinarily divisive issue – especially when the haves and have-nots are still there post-Revolution – just some of the names change.

I remember studying the Russian Revolution(s)  in history and this book is incredibly well researched and reflected of what did happen at that time. However, all events are seen through Esteya’s eyes where her focus is always on her life and her feelings (as most teens are!) so it also feels incredibly personal and perhaps a little naive at times. She thinks about Skizi in a purely selfish way, but through lack of wider awareness of the world rather than an mean spiritedness.  

The writing is evocative and almost musical in prose making reading Love In Revolution a pure pleasure. It was a quick read – I was finished in a day but it really made a refreshing change from any other book I’ve read recently - a palate cleansing glass of cold water on a hot day.

Recommended for fans of John Green and Ruta Sepetys. 8.5 out of 10


  1. Wow, this sounds really interesting. I also studied the Russian Revolution for GCSE History so I have a bit of a weakness for books set at that time.

  2. Oh right this one, yes now I remember

  3. Oh this sounds good. I could use a good historical fiction book and this sounds perfect. Plus, I do enjoy Ruta so I know it will be good. Thanks for the review!