Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Book Haul / Showcase Sunday

This is Books, Biscuits and Tea's Showcase Sunday where I share my lovely book hauls each week. Have a look back at Vicki's link up to see what everyone is up too!

Less than a week now until I head for Canada for a couple of weeks. I'm desperately trying to put together enough interesting reviews and posts to keep you all going once I jet off - its exhausting! So this week I read XO by Jeffery Deaver - an entertaining crime novel with plenty of twists and turns, then I raced through Kitty In The Underworld by Carrie Vaughn and finally I enjoyed The Woken Gods by Gwenda Bond.

It was a bit of a bumper week this week with a big giveaway win which had me dancing around the room! Plus a couple of request were accepted on Netgalley so I didn't do too badly this week!

For Review

Resist (Breathe #2) - Sarah Crossan
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Resistance to the Pod Leadership has come apart. The Grove has been destroyed but so has the Pod Minister. Quinn, Bea and Alina separately must embark on a perilous journey across the planet's dead landscape in search of the rumoured resistance base Sequoia. Meanwhile the Pod Minister has been succeeded by his capricious daughter. Her brother, Ronan, is supposed to advise her, but his doubts about the regime lead to him being sent out of the Pod in search of Quinn. In a world in which the human race is adapting to survive with little air, the stakes are high.

I loved Breathe last year so I am intrigued to see where this sequel will take the story!

Dying Is My Business - Nicholas Kaufmann
Publisher: St Martins
Given his line of work in the employ of a psychotic Brooklyn crime boss, Trent finds himself on the wrong end of too many bullets. Yet each time he’s killed, he wakes a few minutes later completely healed of his wounds but with no memory of his past identity. What’s worse, each time he cheats death someone else dies in his place. Sent to steal an antique box from some squatters in an abandoned warehouse near the West Side Highway, Trent soon finds himself stumbling into an age-old struggle between the forces of good and evil, revealing a secret world where dangerous magic turns people into inhuman monstrosities, where impossible creatures hide in plain sight, and where the line between the living and the dead is never quite clear. And when the mysterious box is opened, he discovers he has only twenty-four hours to save New York City from certain destruction.

I requested this as it looked like a cool Urban Fantasy - good vs. evil, a hero with shades of grey, New York - lets hope it is as good as it sounds!


Exit Kingdom - Aiden Bell
Publisher: Tor
In a world where the undead outnumber the living, Moses Todd roams the post-apocalyptic plains of America. His reprobate brother, Abraham — his only companion — has known little else. Together, they journey because they have to; because they have nowhere to go, and no one to answer to other than themselves. 
Traveling the bloody wastelands of this ruined world, Moses is looking for a kernel of truth, and a reason to keep going. And a chance encounter presents him with the Vestal Amata, a beguiling and mysterious woman who may hold the key to salvation. But he is not the only one seeking the Vestal. For the Vestal has a gift: a gift that might help save what is left of humanity. And it may take everything he has to free her from the clutches of those who most desire her

I won this from the wonderful Tor Blog (go have a look as they have some great posts!). I like zombie books although I haven't read one for a while. Still it's not long until October and I might try some seasonal reading then! 

I was also lucky enough to win the British Book Challenge prize pack for July from Sarah over at Feeling Fictional and it was a MEGA pack. I'm not going to put in the summary for each one as it would this post as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall! Is it any wonder I was dancing when the box arrived! The books are...
Burn Mark by Laura Powell
Witch Fire by Laura Powell
The Disgrace of Kitty Grey by Mary Hooper
Breathing Underwater by Julia Green
Drawing with Light by Julia Green
Bringing the Summer by Julia Green
This Northern Sky by Julia Green
Winter Damage by Natasha Carthew
Dead Time by Anne Cassidy
Killing Rachel by Anne Cassidy
Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce
Hostage 3 by Nick Lake
In Darkness by Nick Lake
The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan
Breathe by Sarah Crossan
The Wall by William Sutcliffe

So what have you picked up this week...?


  1. wow right now I'm so jealous! And you have some books I didn't know and now I want to read them! Happy reading!

  2. I still have to read Breathe but I hope it's good because I want to get Resist as well.
    Happy reading!

    My books

  3. Oh wow, what a great haul, Mel! Congrats on your win!!! I've read Burn Mark and it was excellent, so I think you enjoy this series, but don't know anything about the rest of the pack. Have fun reading all this and don't worry if your blog goes quiet when you are in Canada. just enjoy yourself! :)))

  4. The Kitty books have been a bit up and down for me, so not sure about getting the latest just yet (though I know I probably will as they are such easy reads).

    And what a fab tower of Bloomsbury goodness! Winter damage is fantastic.

  5. Wow. Lots of great books! I've been wanting to pick up Burn Mark for a while. I've heard a lot of great things about it.
    Anthem for Jackson Dawes sounds like it'll be really great (and sad) too.
    Great haul! Happy reading :)

  6. I hope you have an AMAZING time in Canada! Really hope you enjoy yourself and I'm looking forward to hearing about it when you get back :)

    And congratulations on winning all of those books - wow!! They look great - I've especially heard amazing things about Winter Damage :)

    Megan xxxxxxx

  7. Congrats on your win! I keep seeing everyone with Resist and it makes me want to request it though I've not read the first book yet. I must resist! Great haul and have a great week

    My Friends Are Fiction's Showcase Sunday

  8. I'm looking forward to reading "Dying is my Business." It's not my usual fare, but it sounded so interesting that I couldn't pass up the chance!

  9. Oh wow, congrats on the win. Some great books in there. Resist is high on my wish list and the rest sound awesome. Great haul and have fun in Canada!!!

  10. Wow wow, a new Aiden Bell? I did not know

  11. Wow! Congrats on that amazing win!!!

    I still need to read Breathe! This serious sounds great!

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  12. Woooow! That is a massive pile of books :o Congrats on winning! I'm dying to read Winter Damage so I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think. :)

  13. I've not hear of Dying Is My Business or Exit Kingdom before so i will have to check these out.
    Congrats on the win, I hope you enjoy your books :) and thanks for stopping by.