Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Same Book / Different Cover - Under The Never Sky

This is an occasional feature where I compare different covers of the same book...

This month I wanted to look at the different covers of a book I really enjoyed but have been a little lapse at picking up the sequel (seriously I think this a book reading condition cos I keep starting series, buying the next book and not reading it for a long time! I need a cure!). The book is Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi - a great dystopian/post-apocalypse YA series with two characters you care about!

UK Cover 1
UK Cover 2

US Cover
French Cover

German Cover
Spanish Cover

UK Cover 1: Hmm...he looks like an escapee from WWE Saturdays and she looks a wild child. I don't like the way they are all wind-swept but still lying down...It doesn't make me want to know more about the book... 

UK Cover 2 : I like the font and the giant circle in the centre of the cover with the sunset/sunrise in the background. Even the slightly shadowy guy gives off a mysterious vibe - is he here to help or hinder...? One thing I don't like..too much orange!

US Cover : This takes a very different approach with the girl striding out of the wilderness. She looks fierce and competent and I like the blue and white shading. This is one girl I want on my side in a rumble!

French Cover : Oh, I do like covers with lightning on them! This forked lightning really works for me. The girl has that sideways look so you don't know what way she is going to turn but something in her eyes looks a little sad.

German Cover : I am not a fan of this cover - if looks like the cover a fae book with the girl about to disappear into nature. It seems a little dull to me

Spanish Cover : The woods in winter it appears like and I do appreciate the idea of the girl and the boy lost or at least journeying through, but the perception seems a little off to me. It looks like the couple are superimposed into a different world 

My Verdict? I like the US cover most! Which do you prefer...?


  1. UK #1 looks like it could be from an 80s rock musical.

  2. I kinda like the German cover but the US cover is way better. Haven't read the book but I love it.
    The one I really don't like is the UK cover 1, so weird...like children book.

  3. I think my fav is the US cover! love it!

  4. I think I need to go Uk 2, there is just something about it

  5. I can't say I like any of these covers. None of them scream cool Dystopian story to me.
    I will confess i have the UK 1 cover myself, but that's becuae it was cheaper than the US version.