Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Creature Feature: Ultimate Love Triangle

Love triangles – always a popular theme from Elizabeth Bennett, Mr Rochester and Mr Wickham all the way through to Jennifer, Angelina and Brad. Recently I’ve noticed in my reading that one particular type of love triangle seems to come up a lot – the one between a girl, a werewolf and a vampire. And I’m not just talking about Twilight here (although watching the latest film in the saga did help inspire this posting – as did reading the second H+W Investigations book, Taken By The Others with Shia, Royce and Chaz). This type of triangle seems to pop up a lot in Urban Fantasy ever since Anita Blake first found herself caught between master Vampire Jean-Claude and head werewolf Richard Zeeman and is increasingly popular in paranormal YA novels. What is it about werewolves and vampires that attract our feisty heroines so? As I was pondering this, I thought I’d compile a list of pros and cons for each as boyfriend material…

Two of my favourite Vampire boyfriends!
Vampire Boyfriend

  • Long-lived and nearly immortal, so he should be there for you always
  • Usually good looking (hey, we all like a hot guy on our arms!)
  • Wealthy – long life usually means vampires have a strong property and saving portfolio (again nice to have – we all like a bit of luxury!)
  • Sexy – the vast majority of vamps are portrayed as sexy and attractive, with the ability to unleash your own deep desires
  • Night time dates only – no daytrips to the beach!
  • Cold to the touch
  • Hard to reach emotionally – all those years may leave him detached from human emotions
  • Have to be careful that a dinner date, doesn’t mean you’re the dinner!
  • Will never grow old with you
  • Never father children (Okay, that isn’t the case for Edward and Bella but I think that’s the exception rather than the rule!)

Werewolf Boyfriend

Alcide, one sexy werewolf
  • Will take clothes off a lot!
  • Protective of you and your relationship
  • Extremely masculine
  • Likes animals (sometimes for food!)
  • Daylight dates are a go…perhaps hiking in the woods…?

  • Might have to share him with a pack – could take up a lot of his time
  • May not always think before he acts (instinctive)
  • Has a temper – usually the jealous type.
  • Beware of beard burn!
  • Be unavailable for a couple of nights a month at least…

Hmm….tough choice for the girls. I’ve taken generic ideas of both vampires and werewolves here rather than limiting it to one author’s take. Generally the vampire is consider the more sophisticated option – more usually found in the city, in a suit (with or without cape). The werewolf is the more natural option found in the woods and close to nature.

Two very different options…which would you choose? Is there anything you want to add to my pros & cons list for either? J


  1. I will choose the werewolf boyfriend, hello sexy!

  2. I don't know, Mel! I would go with vampire as for me extra hairiness is a bit yuckier than sucking blood..but Alcide is super hot! Can I have both, pretty please? :)

  3. OMG, werewolf all the way - can't be doing with the cold, give me hot-blooded any day! (Hello Jacob.....)

  4. Oooohhh sigh....ANGEL AND SPIKE! I'm totally torn between them...but I think Angel well maybe back in the day. lol

  5. "Will take his clothes off a lot"

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE this post! I've always considered myself Team Vampire, but now you have me reconsidering, especially by mentioning that any were boyfriends are willing to get nekkid. LOL

    Angel was the first vampire I ever fell in love with so he will always have the biggest place in my heart.

  6. *jumps up and down*
    Wolf wolf wolf!!!!! :D

  7. WERES!! I'm a hairy girl!

    No, wait... I mean that I like hairy men!

    Wait... that's not right... Ah heck! I want a were! LOL

    I add to the were list... usually HOT! ;D

  8. Hmmm, all wonderful picks! :D That werewolf is always welcome to come visit me. ;D Cool post!

  9. Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Rochester and Mr Wickham isn't so much a love triangle as a love quintet with Mr Darcy and Jane Eyre :)